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How Much For A Digital Scale?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jrad92, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. So basiclly i'm looking to invest in a good digi scale, perferly something handheld. my question is how much money would you guys drop on a good digi scale? how long do they tend to last? what brands should i look for? and is there anyway i should test em?

    -my friend said that putting a dollar bill on a digi should way out to a gram, and this is a good way to test them. is this true?

    theres a headshop near my house that has a wide array of digi scales, from 28$ - upwards
  2. Your looking at anywhere from $10 to $30, more likely $20 to $25.
  3. idk dude i got a digital scale that was bout 30 dollars and it works great. there are some lower end scales that ive heard have problems. they are pretty durable so better just go and get a somewhat nice one. i wouldnt be afraid to spend 30 bux. itll pay back to know what your getting when u buy sacs from different people.
  4. you can get these Nexteck or Nextex scales from future shop for like 15$ and it weighs up to 300g
  5. I just bought one. Got it off eBay-$20, .01 accuracy, not chinese, small pocket size, runs on AA's, and came with a calibration weight. Accurate as hell so far.
  6. I got a "blade" digital scale about 6 months ago and its runnin strong, very accurate, works great. even came with a leather case haha
  7. anywhere from $50 - $100 for a good scale. Use nickles to calibrate the scale, each one weighs 5 grams
  8. Too much.
  9. Too much? the cheap ones suck
  10. If you're not a dealer and you pay over $30 for your scale I don't see the point in that. It's just used to weigh your pickups on a weekly, possibly bi-weekly basis. There is no need to spend even $30 on a scale, but if you're dead set on getting one you shouldn't have to spend over that.
  11. Look into Blade Scales, they are made by AWS, and I got my directly off there website for about $32 shipped. They are super cool looking, and come in many different colors. It comes with two different trays, one smaller, and one bigger to weigh out ounces. These trays also protect your scale from breaking because they are made from solid plastic so little bits of pressure shouldn't effect it, and it also comes with a little leather case. The screen slides back under the scale when your not using it, so don't let the picture fool you and think that it will snap off, and a nice bright blue LED. I got the 600x.01, meaning that it weighs out up to 600 grams, and displays it in .01 grams so you can do half grams and stuff. Bought mine on Monday, and it got to me on Friday, and the company is very easy to deal with, and were very pleasent to me when I had questions.

  12. Link?
  13. ya i dont use mine to just weigh out my pickups

  14. these scales are good i have used them before, i would definatly recommend it
  15. i got one for 15 bucks.....

    works like a champ
  16. Hell yeah, Blade scales are the shit. :hello:

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