how much fan and filter do i need.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by budnbong420, May 28, 2009.

  1. 4ft wide 4ft tall by 20 in deep

    how big of an intake and exhaust fans do i need and how big of a carbon filter do i need to buy/make...

    gonna get my lights and fans going first then in week or two i'll have the filter on there.

    got a small battery powered fann jsut moving little air around them now but i have to get some ventilation in there like yesterday...prolly keep 4-6 plants going most of time if i can get them all in there.. gonna try to start with 2-3 auto flowers, and 2-3 normal plants... thanks in advance... newbie realizing im tired of buying and at my cosumtion rate i need to grow it and grow enough to be happy... thanks a lot.. so glad i found this site..
  2. ttt the top.. somone must know... after some research i think im gonna go with the 450cfm fan and filter for exhaust and then a 200 something sfm 6 in inline fan for an intake ..... willl this work or be overkill thanks
  3. HIGH All, welcome to The City budnbong420...when I had a little Grow Closet..about your size I'd Leaf the door open when the light was on...I had no ventilation...just the opened door was good enough. Just something to think about before Growing out and buying everything right now.
  4. i have a metal cabinet 3X3x4 four vent holes in the back with 6in inline fans 250cfm with a can filter works like a charm spent about 200 on that
  5. S&P 4" TD100x fan, 4" diameter carbon scrubbber would work great

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