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How much estimated oil and best method?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420stoned666, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. So I've done about 20-30 oil runs in my time, even with stems, and I always get good shit from it. I've used straight bud a few times and come out with amazing shit.
    So the other day when I bought my first oil rig setup, and a torch and whatnot, I did a run with a g of bud, and about a g of stems, as well as like .2 kief. Got me 10 awesome dabs.
    So taking that into consideration, im gonna have some dank ass maui in about an hour and im buying a quarter but I intend on only using 2gs for this run. It's full of trichs so I know I should get some quality product from this.
    But I just wanna see what you guys think? How much would I come out with?
    I usually dont freeze the alcohol or product before beginning and I come out with great oil. Should I freeze the 2 grams since it's such a small amount, and I want to get all the trichs possible?

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  2. 2g wont get you much maybe 10%-15% yield.  Btw what method are you using?qwiso?
  3. Freezing your bud will make the trichs fall off much easier so go with that and I believe using the butane method produces the largest yield.

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