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How much electricity would growing two plants use?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by amiller94, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Say my bill is $100 right now (1 bedroom apt) what would it be growing two plants with the lights fans etc.? Just an estimate is what Im looking for, thanks!

  2. Depends way too much on what lights you get.
  3. say if i run all cfls? Those are the least energy consuming right?
  4. It really comes down to what you want to get from it. CFL's generally consume the least, but won't give you as much bud as an HID. It's really up to you, but I can't really help with CFL's.I don't use them, and it still depends on way too much. Depends what CFL's, how many CFL's, how many plants will decide that, but again, it really just depends. At minimum look to have AT LEAST 100W of ACTUAL cfl WATTAGE for the first plant, and about 50 for each extra. So maybe 1 plant with 4 or 5 23W CFL's could work, but I'm not into them. I think it's a waste, and if I"m going to take the time to grow I'd just assume get a big yield.
  5. Are HIDs the top of the line? Theyre just so expensive.. what would be the next best light to use? How much do you think the whole setup would be to grow two plants?
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    Dude, I really can't talk much about other lights. I have a 1000W Mh/HPS because if I'm going to grow I'd rather do it right and get as much bud as I can so I don't have to grow constantly. As for other lights, IDK, I've never used anything but the 1000W and a small CFL for seedlings/clones just because the big light is too much for them. Honestly though, for a couple plants I'd try to go with a 250W MH/HPS. Couldn't find one but here's a 400W for under $140. It's dimmable so you can turn it down to 50% and use it for 2 plants, but could probably do up to 4 or 5 if you ran it full blast. I just think those are smarter compared to CFL's. There's a little heat, but if you can keep the temp cool, then HID's (MH/HPS lights) are the way to go. Would need a timer with this one though, but those are only another $8.


  7. Not sure what you're talking about. That link is to a bulb that is $75 and it's only a bulb, not the whole set up. If you go with HID I'd get one that can run both MH and HPS.
  8. Note that you'll probably need a couple fans and a carbon filter for the smell/heat.
  9. Yeah I was just showing you the bulb, not the craigslist ad. If I get that bulb would I just need the wiring to light it up and stick it on the top of the grow box? Im a little confused, sorry for being such a noob
  10. No, to run those you need the light/hood/ballast. That link I put has everything included except a timer. Look at that ad and it will at least let you know what you'd need. To run these lights though they come with a ballast that powers it, the hood that houses the light, and the bulb itself that lights up. Also, the hangers, and various other things are needed. That kit has all of it except timer, so you can at least see what you'll need. Then just hang the light from the ceiling with those hangers it comes with so you can move it up and down easily.
  11. Ok, so if I get this kit my lighting needs will be covered and the lights that come with it are powerful enough to grow at least two plants?

  12. Well, that 400 W could probably handle around 4 or 5 plants maybe depending on the size. If you got that one and only wanted to do 2 plants just turn it down to 50% (IE 200W) and that will be fine for 2 plants and you'll have the option to do a few more if you want. Plan on getting a fan/filter for the smell/heat and probably another small fan to keep fresh air blowing inside. you don't want it getting really hot in there. Just depends on the area you'll be growing in. If you get it I'd suggest setting it up and running it first to get temps where they should be, THEN start your grow. Trying to adjust on the fly can be tough. It's doable, but if you're a newb it can be difficult to figure out what you need.
  13. Re-read the thread and found my answer, Ill look in to getting that setup. You helped me a ton thanks a bunch
  14. awesome thanks!
  15. Well, with me I run multiple thousands over six plants so it costs alot... Lol

    But I get alot out of those six plants too.


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