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How much doses out of...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 1620, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Sup guys

    So I'm planning on making oil with a quarter of dankness

    down to business

    First of all, I'll be using the crockpot method for about 12 hours

    ^any objections?

    then i will be making brownies w/ generic brownie mix

    my real question...

    These brownies will be served to a bunch of college freshmen who smoke assumingly very infrequently

    In what dosage do you think I should hand out these goodies in order so these *****s get high as fuck but also don't freak the fuck out? i.e grams per brownie
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    Im not very experienced with marijuana edibles but I would try and work it out so that each piece contains around .3 grams. Since these people are infrequent smokers and its high quality bud then the lower the better. Its easier to eat two tasty mild brownies then one knockout piece that might push things over the edge of comfort. :)
  3. Sounds like you are not going to tell them what's in them. If so that's bad :-(
  4. Why does it sound like that? Nothing op said hinted at that at all
  5. crookpot is a pressure cooker?
  6. so i split the quarter into 24 brownies

    that's about .28 per brownie

    i ate one, waited two hours, and then ate another

    i was high for about seven hours, that's when i fell asleep (i smoke an eighth a week)

    my one friend who smokes once every other day ate one, she was high for the seven hours too

    yesterday i ate two at the same time and it was way way way intense, the strongest ive ever had

    i ate them at 420, by 730 i was asleep until 11 am this morning

    ^waste in my opinion but at least they're strong

    by the way i decarbed at 222 F for 22 minutes

    cooked in crock pot for about 8 hours and DIDNT strain before cooking the brownies

    and to the guy who said i was giving them out without them knowing? shame on you..
  7. Mann u just gave me ah couple of ideas shorty Gd Look

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