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How much does YOUR weed cost?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HiiGH x, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. How many grams is a dime in your area? How many grams is a $20 sack in your area? How much is a eighth, quarter, half, ounce, QP?

    I'm asking about the FIRE buds, not regs or schwagg eighter=)

    over here in stamford ct

  2. I just gotta pay the electricity bill ;)
  3. i feel ya on that one:eek:
  4. Thats where Im tryin to get;)
    1.0 - $20
    1/8 - $50
    1/4 - 100
    1/2 - 200
    Zip - $350
    q/p - stack
    lb - $2500
  5. damn i wish it was cheaper like that for me...=[
  6. Dime is 10$ which is about .9
    Dub is 20$ which is about 1.8 -2.0 depends how my dealer feels.
    Eighth is 40$ and that is about 3.5 or 3.7
    Quarter is 80 and that is like 7.0gs
  7. holy crap we've got it lucky over here in the NW. im from Portland, Oregon and i usually pay.:hello:

    1.0 - $10
    2.0 - $20 (give or take .1/.2)
    1/8 - $40
    1/4 - $80
    1/2 - differs, depending on dealer and time of year it could be anywhere from 140-180
    O - same thing as above anywhere from 240-320
    no idea about over that
  8. why the f does it have to be expensive where i live?=(
  9. #9 CouchLockFoSho, Aug 26, 2009
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    hiigh x where do you live?
    hahah ignore my post sorry i didnt read the entire post
  10. Dub of dank around here is about $60. And dubs around here are about an eigth, if not a little more.
  11. These are prices an average joe would pay in my town....


    1g - $10
    2g - $20
    3.5g (eight)- $25-30
    Quarter - $50-60
    Half - $80
    O - $150

    Dank's(Sour D, Orange Kush):

    Only really sold one way:
    3.5g (eight) - $60

    Those are for the avg joe's...

    Note: Goin to get 2 o's for 100 tomorrow :p
  12. I get the same prices as well. You canadian?

  13. Nope. Small town in a wooded state in US....about 2k people total in my town
  14. *These prices by no means reflect on the general smoking population of my area*

    That being said:

    These are the prices for the run-of-the-mill strains I get like Sour D and Jack Herer. The better quality rarer strains could be 5-10 more on each front depending on what it is.
  15. Blue Dream $300 a ounce-
  16. I buy quanity daily and have for the last many years heres a run down on my area In the pacific northwest
    Keep in mind this is all for DANK I dont buy anything else

    dub for $25
    8th $40-50
    Quarter $80-90
    Half $140-160
    Ounce $280 - 320
    QP $1000-1200
    Pound $3000-4000
  17. 1G - $20
    2G - $40 ( Stingy ass people ) ....:/ thats why i never buy 2g's..i usally bargain like 1.75-1.8 for $30.
    1/8- $50-$60
    1/4 $100-$110

    I've never boughten anymore, other than one time 10G's for $130..
  18. ounces of club quality bud for 220. yay norcal.
  19. i thought i dub was always 20 bucks? maybe i suck
  20. my fire prices-
    dub: 20
    1/8: 40
    1/4: 70
    1/2: 140
    zip: 275

    also I dont really have a dealer right now that I am "close" with so these are pretty average prices around here. wish I knew someone who would hook it up fat and cheap haha:smoke:

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