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How much does your weed cost relative to your income.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tetra416, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Not too bad really, at least not yet.
  2. 60 for a quarter that will usually last me three weeks. I make roughly 2000 every month.

    Omega369 :wave:
  3. 100 an OZ
    im only pulling in 400 a month
    So a quarter of my monthly income goes into weed
    but im self employed so on some months i make a little more and some months i make a little less
  4. An Oz at £200 is probably about 15% of my monthly wage or something.

    I buy that every few months. Maybe the odd 20 bag here or there when I'm running low.

    Gotta wait a while longer before I can grow
  5. 60 a quarter, depending where I'm working anywhere from 1600-2800 every 2 weeks.

    I have to re-up anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending how often I smoke.
  6. 1/2 oz for 100$, but not consistently. Usually it's about 1/3 oz for 100$. I make $12/hr, so it takes me a little over a single shift to earn a month of green
  7. I normally buy 1/8ths at $35. Lasts me about a week and a half. I buy 2-3 times per month. So $105/month. I make about $1000 per month.
  8. I hate y'all... (Not literally lol)I'm in Texas. And I don't see cannabis being legalized in anyway. It'll be legalized nationally / federally before it's legalized here. And that fucking sucksBut I digress, an 1/8 around here is 45$. A 1/4, roughly 75$. I buy 1/8s as a norm. But sometimes I splurge and buy 1/4s. Anyway, here's my schedule, one 1/8 will last me 2 days if I even it out (if not, maybe a day). So I'm usually getting 1:8 every 2 days or so. Let's add that monthly.. And I spend 360$ a month on purely weed alone
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    Fuck man, come to Texas with all that legalized medical bud, you'll get rich over here.I'm from Texas but I've BEEN smoking like I live in Washington
  10. Well I sort of eyeball it. My tolerance is really low (I took an extended T break, and use a one hitter a lot) and so don't spend a lot. In the UK the average price is £10 a gram, and I get through 0.6 g Monday - Friday and then around 1.5g on the weekend. I really don't spend a lot, maybe like £10 a week but I do get smoked up quite a bit.
  11. 25-33% usuallySent from my Nexus 5 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. Probably like 5%
  13. I make ten bucks an hour and a gram here Is ten bucks so roughly every hour I work I can buy a gram. I buy half a zip every two weeka
  14. Grow it =]
  15. I usually get half oz for $150 which lasts me like 6-8 weeks, so relative to my income, barely anything.
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    I'm currently in-between jobs, but if I were to buy, a gram here in Chile is CLP$10K. I used to make from CLP $2.9K to CLP$5K an hour, depending on the month. So it was about 2-3 hrs.

    If you look at someone who makes minimum wage here, they make approximately 1000 CLP an hour, so it would take them 10 hrs to buy a gram of weed.

    I'm in-between jobs, but this is definitely why I started growing my own.

    (2nd grow) Autoflowering Extravaganza:

    (1st grow)Sensi silver haze:

    The only good is knowledge, the only evil, ignorance.
  17. I make $1200 Canadian a week, and spend about $25 a week on bud

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  18. Well lets see, I always buy by the ounce.  $200/oz(Canadian).  I work 40hrs/wk making $15.50.  Generally pick up every other month but this can drastically vary since I sometimes hook up friends, make edibles and also hash.....
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    I saw an introduction where a young gal and her older partner was spending $80 every 2 days ($1200 a month)....   I can't see how spending $1200 a month you could even be a functioning person in society and make the money to pay for that plus get ahead in life.  A poster above said he buys an 1/8 every 2 days@$45 and believes it is 360$ <sic> a's $675 a month.  Stoner math??  Sorry guys if you smoke that much and can't even figure out how much you are spending you have a problem.  What kind of life could you have smoking 24/7?  Sorry to be so harsh, but these are the very people that hurt legalizing pot.
    I think this is what the OP is looking for, how much is right?  I say as long as it is not holding you back in life then go for it.   Even if you are only making $10/hr, if you are still progressing then it's all good.  If you are 20something still living at home with no job or making 10/hr then yeah, there is a problem.
    To the OPs question we grew our own but we still buy from the dispensary I would say our costs are $150ish a month and when I start smoking as soon as I retire I would imagine it would go up a lot.  A fraction of 1%.
  20. Make around $80000 a year
    $140 for a Oz of dank

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