How much does your light cost to run? kWh Calculator

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  1. Sup guys. We just got our 600w HPS/MH with switchable ballast :)
    We were curious how much it would cost per month so I found this calculator:
    All you might need to find is what your rate is on your energy bill. Mine in the philly area was around 0.13.

    Running 24/7 it will cost $56 a month. Little bit more than I thought...but not a bad investment by any means.
  2. $109 a year with 200w of CFL's
  3. Nice find!
  4. my cfl's work out at 33p per day or £119 a year. Thats not bad :)
    useful site,

    happy harvests!
  5. 29USD a month here, with 550w running! Twice/trippel as much in a week, getting 2x300w more and 2x200w.
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    freakin brilliant!!!
  7. got a 467w 2700k CFL setup, using right now at 12/12 costs me .40 a day 36.66 a quarter and 146 a year, id say thats still alot cheaper then buying the shit lol
  8. i have a sensor connected to my electric meter and thats linked to a display box so it tells me how much im using and i can estimate my bill before it comes through the post lol cost me £80 for the equipment and its the best invesment ever.

    i only use £1 a day and i run 400w in one grow room for 12 hours a day and 150w in the second for 24 hours a day. i also run my xbox all the times, tv, pc and my oven etc is all electric =/ that site tells me i use ALOT more then i am but its a good estimate lol

    nice find

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