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How much does your bowl pack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kushbluntz, May 11, 2011.

  1. So I got a new pipe (glass) an the bowl is huge it's the biggest bowl on a pipe iv had so far it holds half a gram but how much does your pipe bong bubbler or whatever you use hold
  2. Same as yours man, maybe more like .75 gs
  3. Nice yeah I'd say we have te same size bowl but I know some bongs hold ALOT more
  4. i have several bowls, small ones can get like .3g and my biggest one could get well over 1g
  5. My wooden bowl gets about 3 hits in, my grav bong and double chamber gets about 2-3, huge hits, my bong is a 1 hitter.
  6. Nice nice I have a hitter that holds like 3 good hits an two crappy hot ones an then I have a 1 liter bottle wit a hole in the bottle an a socket in the cap to make a waterfall bong an it hold a good big ass 4 hits
  7. .2-.3 glass bowl and bubbler
  8. Half a gram?


    In my opinion if a pipe cant fit 1-1.5 grams, its too a lot.
  9. It fit's .2 and it gets me blitzedddddd. Yes .2 gets me crazy high! it's called MFLB bitches!!!!
  10. about a 1/2 inch of marijuana

    sounds really unnecessary to put a gram and a half in one packing......
  11. mine is really small only fits .3
  12. my bowl packed like .7 before it broke :(
  13. Mine could probably pack 1.4g's of grinded up bud.
  14. A little piece broke up from a small nug. God bless my low tolerance.
  15. Bowl for my three fitter can take well over a dub.

    my smallest bowl i could probably fit eh .7
  16. When I was a kid I like big bowls because I thought they were cool. Had a big ass one on my hookah, held about a half ounce. Glass pipe probably .5

    for the past 10 years or so, I prefer smaller bowls, because the weed starts tasting like shit if you pack more than .3 in it. I don't like shitty tasting bowls =P
  17. none of mine hold more than a gram but my friend has a huge bowl he calls thor that he takes out at parties that holds almost an 1/8.
  18. I hate my bowl, good thing it was confiscated -__- it held probaly .75 too big imo
  19. Not really, Ill smoke a gram and a half bowl by myself if I just want to chill outside and smoke for a while, but also if its split between 2 people, you need more, and 1.5 is decent for two people to get high..

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