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How much does weed cost you a week?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ciscokid930, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I've been on this strict only smoking on the weekends deal... but ive been smoking every day for like 2 weeks now and i feel great...

    but i did that because i had a fairly big payday and kinda just spent all my money on a halfy. and now its gone :(

    i wanna smoke everyday and i know a lot of you do but it seems to get realllly expensive... how much do you guys spend on the sweet mary a week?
  2. i dont even know but a lot more than i should
  3. I smoke every day but use a vape so I really don't use much more than a tiny pinch at a time. An eighth usually last me several weeks.
  4. i smoke eveyrday about 2 times a day.
    hmm i guess i spend about 50 dollars a week? give or take
  5. I pick up a fresh Half every Friday afternoon for $50.00 from the fam.
  6. about 120 a week
  7. Im really new to getting high thing..prolly only started a week ago...I spent...20 on a bowl and 30 on weed xD lol. :smoking:
  8. Well theirs two things. I buy alot of weed (325-375) every few days (1-3 days)

    personally:half oz-oz a week
  9. Im with Burned Haze. I spend about $200 a week about though. But I'd say I smoke an Oz or two a week. So i buy a Oz and use end up just getting a half oz over the course of it from buddies.

  10. daaaaaamn

    do you mind me asking what kind of job you have?
  11. Generally buy a half ounce every 2 weeks.. so 60 bucks a week generally.
  12. Do the math and use your brain sir
  13. lol You budget for weed. Actually helps me 2 kinda save actually.
  14. when i have access i spend like 60 bucks a week.
  15. sometimes 40 a day or every other day. my girlfriend and i live together so its split between 2 people
  16. 45-60/week.
    im taking a break then slowing down though. hopefully i can start getting an 8th to last 2 weeks.
  17. $25 a week.
    on some low mids, i smoke everyday.
    my good buddies a drug dealer. :hello:

    thats why i love smoking pot.
  18. About 250-300 I'd say, some weeks more, some less, you know.
  19. I know I use to smoke alot, but my best friend had the best job in town if you know what I'm saying. Now I try and keep myself from smoking too much, I seriously pinch little bits, and smoke like 3 bowls at a day at the time, because I don't have connections in my area yet.
  20. I'd say $100 a week should do the trick, as long as I make an effort to conserve.

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