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How Much Does Weed Cost Where You Live?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by happy feet, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Its about 5g per gram if schwagg or $10 a gram here for mids and usually same for dank but depends on the dealer
  2. Really?

    Easily the MOST posted thread on this forum.

    Search and you'll see hundreds of these.
  3. Straight from an average dealer:
    100-110/zip regs
    325/zip dank

    Average connect:
    60-70/zip regs
    280/zip dank

    Nothing else really available.

    Small town in eastern Illinois, but that seems to be the standard all around here until you reach the cities (St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago) that are near.

    EDIT: And yeah, this thread has been done to death.
  4. Mids: $5 nickle bag (0.5)
    $10 dime bag(1.0)
    $60 half ounce
    $120 ounce

    Double all them prices lol

    I see all this talk about how people can get like schwag , low mids, high mids, heads and so on and so forth
    Around my way, its either mids or heads
    One time i got purple though (;
  5. San Antonio/Austin TX area:

    20/G, 50-60 8th, 90-120 Q, 280-375 O
  6. I think I am getting ripped off cuz I always hear that Canadians get great prices


    and one time this dick sold to my naive self at 300/oz! jerk...
  7. 200oz for chronic.

    sometimes a lil mor sometimes a lil less. all depends
  8. Only 1 doll hair usually
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  9. Jesus it's $10 a gram in the okanogan, 20-1/8, 40-1/4,100-1oz
  10. 800 for a qp give or take a few hundo depending on quality.
  11. For some strong ass medical bud I get 30$ eighths and 10$ a g

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