how much does weed cost in your area?

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  1. i live in a dirt town so a half ounce is 120$ so i have to drive for 2 hours to get a half ounce for 55$ whats the prices like in your area?
  2. 10$-15$ a gram. But that's for top shelf shit, Haven't bought mids in yearrrrrrs.
  3. 15$-25$ a gram.
  4. 15-20g, 90-100q, 320oz
    I get the hook up for 200 an O top shelf :)
  5. 200 an ounce top shelf - denver, colorado
  6. I'm in northeast fl by the way. Shit's super expensive around here.
  7. 10$ a gram or 25$ an 8th. All good shit. Recently i've been smoking on some blue cheese. Shit's beautiful.
  8. People in my area pay 20 a gram 60 a 1/8 100-120 a 1/4 200-240 a half 400-480 a oz.
  9. 10 bag - .7g

    20 bag - 1.4 g

    Dime ($30) - 1.7

    Dub/eighth($60) - 3.6g

    Go ahead and complain, I know Minnesotans use the "wrong" terminology.
  10. 40 eight

    20 ten ten 20 special 5 and some 30
  11. i getting a Q for 30
  12. I buy it usually 4g ish at a time, don't ask me why. But I pay about $70 and my DD hooks me up usually at about 4.3g. Sweet 'ol chronic:) I live about 2 hours away from Denver, CO. My dealer's ways got the goods.
  13. 10-15 a gram usually
    I like the 10 a gram quality, from what I've gotten for sure for sure :)
  14. People from Cali and pretty much the west should not be able to post in these threads. Makes the rest of us jelly
  15. 120 a o for high mids
  16. For a gram, anywhere between 10 and 20. Most people I know, myself included, are very skeptical of something that costs 20 a gram. It better be straight from the dispensary or you wont get sales with that price around here.
  17. 10-15 a gram

    15-20 for nice shit
  18. Dealers my best friend. 5$ grams. Normally don't have to buy though. Just go over and smoke all day and chill. I'm at his house more than mine. Could get a quarter for 30. This is the shit I get from his too aha

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  19. 10 gram

    All good shit

  20. I hate my life

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