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How much does weed cost in Jamaica?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DutchX8, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I know it'll be mad easy to score there, i'm stopping there on a cruise in March. And if anyone has done this before, how was the bud?
  2. Yeah I'd really appreciate an answer too this as well, as I am heading down with my family in March. Is it mostly brown schwagg? I've heard 50$ U.S for a half-pound though:D
  3. I'd say around 15$ for 1.5 Grams of the good shit
  4. 100 american dollars will purchase you one pound of some fine jamacian grown weed
    top shelf weed to
    its not to hard to find
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  5. Doooope:D I just hope its easy to find
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  6. Keep in mind I won't be leaving the tourist area of the island (guards patrol the border with ARs), so my hookup will probably be through the guy that sells the bongs and shit. I know there will be one there, I did it last cruise in Tortola. But the pound you're talking about probably is through a non-touristy part of the island, right?

    Besides, remember i have to sneak whatever I get through security (it's not much just two guys eying you and you walk through a metal detector while they scan your bags). I'd have to strap it to my chest/legs, so I better bring some tape!
  7. the only way to get the dank in jamacia is to venture into the blue mountains lad,id suggest u find someone u feel is trustworthy,most of the people you will meet there will be laid back,and willing to help you for a wee finders fee,,but again the best is in trenchtown ,or on the mile
    normally in kingston its not to hard to find,trust me it will find you
    toke up mon
  8. was on a cruise last april and when i stopped on the island, the us pier or whatever was pretty well guarded and i was searched 3 times (i guess you get profiled if you are younger male theese days) they found my coffe and it wasnt pretty lol so glad i didnt make a pickup like a had planned, but if you can get in on the ship you are good to go from there i guess. and i was to lazy to quote it but like someone said the bud will find you.
  9. Wow. What cruiseline were you on? im just curious as ithink different cruiselines have different amounts of security and that is insane they searched you.

    I went on a cruise but didnt hit jamaica up, i bought some weed a couple times and just had it in my pocket when i went through the metal detectors. Really glad i wasnt searched! ;)
  10. $50 for a 1/2 lb of some good good shit or some mids depends who you talk to
  11. yea it will find you. i wouldn't spend anymore than $20. be carefull
  12. I remember going there when I was 16...when my mom got remarried. I went on a tour with this jamaican tour guide, past bobs house and everything, my mom had given me like $100 for the day and told me to have fun, so she and my step dad could get the nasty on I guess. Well on that tour, we stopped at numerous places, everytime we stopped almost the tour guide was telling us, if we wanted some herb, tell him now. I told him I wanted some, he said how much I asked how much 50 would buy me, he asked 50 american or jamaican I said american About 40 minutes into the tour we stopped at this house, and the guy asked for our money, went inside, and came back out with about 9 bags, for different tourist. for $50 I ended up getting about 4 oz's of some killer mids, like seriously if this shit did not have seeds in it, I would have called it some top of the line shit. The tour guide then told us all how to conceal it, and get it past the guards and everything. Like everyone else has said, it will find you. If you are a young white guy in jamaica, it will find you. For the next week and a half I was there..I did nothing but smoke out of a homeade piece on my balcony in my hotel.
  13. Damn makes me want to pack up and leave
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  14. Be very careful hooking up in the tourist areas. A common 'scam' is for a guy to sell to you knowing the police are watching, who then proceed to arrest and/or cite the poor tourist.

    The good stuff is in the mountains and unless you have a guide you know you trust it can be a bit dangerous. I would suggest getting to know the resort/hotel bartender. Tip him or her a few times, then ask discretely where the ganja is. You'll pay a bit more but bartenders usually know who is into what and can facilitate.
  15. That's a great story bud. I would have been so happy. +rep :hello:
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  16. It shouldn't be too hard to find. Shit last time I went there cab drivers and random people on the street ran up to me and my dad offering to sell us "good smoke". And yes it was.
  17. Yeah guys...dont expect that herb to look pretty...but im telling you it will do the job damn well...I was not expecting this mid/reg looking shit that I got down there to absolutely blow my head off my shoulders...but it did. And, thanks guys :D
  18. #18 DutchX8, Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 3, 2009
    What did he tell you about concealing it? I just figured i'd wear a loose shirt and tape it to my chest, but i'm having second thoughts now after hearing the guy that said he got randomly searched a few times. If I get caught with a 1/2 lb i'm screwing over myself and my family.

    How do you think it would hold up in the mail? If I bought it and sent it to myself at home do you think the package would get searched? And i'd probably be in a shitload of trouble for sending that amount to myself anyway.

    Damn, this is hard... it's extremely risky but if I spent $50 on a 1/2 lb i'd be set for so long. If I don't do it, i'll just come home and get an eighth for $50 and i'll be all depressed lol
  19. Ive been on several RC cruses that went to Ochos Rios and picked up some fire from a cab driver.. We had gone to some bar and got pretty hammered and decided to head back to the boat, once I was in the cab, the cabbie asked if I wanted any ganj. Of course I wanted some and he busts out a bag with 3 or 4 big nugs and says he will give me a ride back to the boat and the weed for $25. The bud was fire and prob weighed between 1/2 and 3/4oz.

    I had at least 3 or 4 people on the street approach me and ask if I needed any ganj so you dont really need to look for it at all.
  20. These experiences sound amazing, I'm going to have to head over there right after Amsterdam.

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