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How much does weed cost fer you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420skils, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. Just throwing out a question. How much does weed cost you, 1/8...... 1/4...... ounce.......and say what kind you buy because that would affect the price, duh.
  2. no way man! i wish it was 35 an 8th in east stroudsburg its like 50 an 8th...i hate it...
  3. prices never seem to fluctuate around her due to the neverending supply of weed. I like to buy northern lights(its my fav)..the prices are:

    25-half an 8th(16th)
    50-very good 8th
    90-very good 1/4
    180-good half
    and depending who you get it from an O of northenr lights can be between 300-350 clams..
  4. It almost cost me my girlfriend, and the most beautiful relationship ever. That's what it cost me.
  5. Care to elaborate?
  6. psychic..i know what happened..shes an couldnt convince had to do it behind her back....she found out.....very bad things happened

    am i close?...been there, i know what its like man, but atleast you got her back..right?
  7. a nic $5, a dime $10, 1/4 oz $25-30, 1/2 $50-75 for really good shit, and an ounce $100-120
  8. 320 - O
    160 - 1/2
    80 - 1/4
    40 - 1/8
    dubs are a rip off, i dotn buy them....
    (all above prices are for fire)
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  9. that really pisses me off...anyone know how i can get cheap bud w/o growing? like some sort of mail away thing? please help me out...-John
  10. sorry artiee, the only other way is to steal or smuggle....but balloons in the ass dont sound fun to me.....steal! :)

    prices arent that bad dave...those are for some of the best smoke my lungs have had the graces to absorb ...and i only have one hookup that has such sweet northern lights right now.. i had been growing NL, but after my last harvest my plants withered away into nothing, and ive just been too lazy/busy to start up again.If money was an issue I could pay half that for some decent bud,but im a picky sunnamabeech and im willing to fork over the dough.

  11. i hate everyone who gets cheap pot...u all suck j/k...its just not fair!!! youre all running it in...
  12. i pay 25-45 an 8th, last night i got one for 30. one dude said he would hook me up a O for 200.

    it used to always be 25 an 8th, i dunno whut happened with that. i heard some 16,000 pounds got busted near my place, i think that could of fucked some things up.
  13. Same prices here as what Dave pays. Regular weed is $5 a nickel ,who buys a nickel?, $10 a dime, $25-30 a quarter, $80 or so an ounce. My brother can get me that type of weed for $50 an ounce, but what he grows and smokes is about $50 an eighth. He had like 20 different types of weed one time. Hell, even BLUEBERRY flavored. Haha!
  14. Shit out here in Screwston <houston> i get fat OZ's for 40 dolla shit.
    .........what yall know bout them Texas boyz, comin down in candy toyz, smokin weed, and talkin noize.
  15. Low prices of drugs also reflect on the educational system in "Screwston."
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  16. i dont give a fuck i aint from here (houston) just moved here and my new potna hooked me up with some killer deals. Dont be jelous. hehe
  17. pimpC.....the weed you smoke isnt called mexi-smugg for nothin ;).....
  18. if your gettin $40 O's your either smoking shit, or your smoking shit( by shit i meen shitty weed) i know you aint too smart cuz ur smoking shit.
  19. yall are some hating ass bitches. fuck yall kiss my ass

  20. hmmm...

    Nubbin's pretty much totally wrong. lol

    She doesn't hate it that much, but I have started smoking too much in the last few months. I almost smoked every day, and definitely every Friday/Saturday night.

    She has smoked with me before too, it's not just the weed that was the problem.

    I began valuing the weed more than I valued her (BIG MISTAKE) and tending to prefer staying at home/going to a friend's house to smoke instead of spending any time with her.

    She's the fucking greatest thing that's ever happened to me and I nearly lost her. I'm not gonna smoke weed for a while now, and if I ever smoke again, it will be very very occasionally.

    Shit, I'm so lucky.
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