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how much does weed *actually* cost in the US?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by henrx, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. i've been wondering, there's been so many threads saying the actual $$$s for an eighth of bud, but what's that in comparison, say to the £20-25 you pay in england?

    what i mean, is,

    1. how much do you get paid in a shit job?
    2. how much does a new DVD cost?
    3. how much does it cost to get drunk in a bar?

    y'know, in actual material goods terms, how much do you pay?

  2. At a shit job where I'm from you'd get paid about $6.25 an hour. work about 40hrs a week make about $250 a week minus taxes your looking at about 220 or so. A dvd is about $25. I pay anywhere from 25-50 an 1/8. the $25 never looks good, but it usually hits ok. at about the $35-45 range you usually get some pretty good bud, but you can also get screwed. $50 is usually from out of state and always much better.
  3. i jus bout a Q fer 60 bucks but pretty decent lil buds tho. but very smokeable!im used to about 50 for skunky bud

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  4. I make about 7.50 and work about 21 hours a week pulling in after union dues and fees and such some sort of money uncountable to the mere human mind.

    But those of you folkel in the states who pay fucking 50$ for an 1/8z bag of some "skunky" bud are gettting ripped off hard. 50$ american is like 70$ canadian. For 70$ canadian you can proabably pull of getting 9grams or so. And if you think it is shit youd better buckle yourrself down before you take your first few tokes or ull float away. HAahah

    Seriously though canadian pot rocks. American pot is ok. Mexican pot is just a bunch of rocks they try to sell to americans for 50$ an 1/8 bag.

    You dont wanna smoke rocks do you ?????? SO BUY CANADIAN POT AND KEEP THE ECONOMY UP

    Oh and hahaha we dont get arrested with a record for posession under 30g's FUCKERS HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHABLARGEN
  5. Eights in my area go for about 45.00 USD thats about 27.00 GBP it's pretty much dank.Or 10 USD a gram if you got good connections.

    I was working in a shit job after i droped out of highschool making 8.75 an hour and getting paid weekly.I quit that job cause it wasn't paying enough.

    A new DVD cost about 26USD that about the equivalent to 16GBP.

    A pack of Marlboros here cost about 5.00
  6. 9.75 an hour for me and i work about 32 hours a week.

    and dont dis US weed, maybe we dont have what you have but there are cannibus clubs in cali and they make THE strongest weed ever, i would but this one places white rhino agest any weed in the world and i bet it will win.

    as far as price goes ,ya sure you can mye a 50$ 1/8 of good strong bud or you could bye 1 oz mex for 100 bills wich is what i allways have lyin around.
  7. you mother fuckers, im only makin minimum wage...assholes, i have to get a raise soon or ill... umm...quit...
  8. Min wage in TN is $5.15. That's what I started at back in the day at DQ. Min wage for a server is $2.13. I worked 35 hour weeks and after taxes were taken out got $8. That's right, $8. Good thing I got tips, but I shouldn't be allowed to take home a pocket full of cash every night because God knows it's not all gonna make it to the bank.

    DVDs cost anywhere from $20 to $30 depending on how new it is and where you buy it.

    I can get a 1/4 of some mids for just over $30, but I know someone who can hook me up. Generally I'd expect abotu $20 for an 1/8 of upper schwag/low mids and about $45 for an 1/8 of kb.
  9. i think if you pay anything over the amount of bud multiplied by 10 you are being ripped off. example

    1g = 10$
    3.5g's = 35$
    1/2 a quarter = 27.50$
    1/4 = 55$ - 60 if no good hookups
    1/2= 110$
    qp = 700$
    hp = 1400$
    THis is all PRIMO SHIT
    i dont smoke shit and when i do i beat the fuck outa the dealer for being such a stupidd dealer.

    if you pay more than 10$ a g youd better start walking or riding your dog to canada cuz you dont find much better pot for the price

    AND I AGREE THAT WHITE RHINO IS SUPREME but ever had bubblegum rhino ahh yes crossbreed, new generation of pot so ud better throw all of ur other shit out. lol
    actually just give that pot to me if you dot want it nemore
  10. i never pay more than 80 bucks an ounce, for average mexican agriculture. i havent bought any high quality stuff in a long time, but i used to pay upwards of 50 a quarter for skunky stuff.
  11. Minimum wage is probably $5.50(which is too horrible for anyone to actually work for). A new dvd goes for $15-25. An eighth of 'dank' or 'dro' is usually $50 even. 3.5 grams at $14.29 each. $50 is also the price for most new video games(gamecube,xbox,ps2)
  12. I always thought that a 1/2 a quarter was an 1/8 which is 3.5 grams. Mebbe it's just me...
  13. cheers guys... pretty interesting, seems to be pretty similar to uk after all...

  14. I make 14.40 a hour
    1/8 is 25
    1/4 is 50
    1/2 is 100
    dvd is about $15-17 new
  15. In florida its like this

    Half E is 25$
    E is 50$
    quater is 100...
    half O is 170
    ounce is like 350
    pound is 5k$.......prices are really messed up

    Regs is really cheap and shit tho....Krypto is the prices I listed above......I've never smoked anything besides krypto.
  16. THis is all PRIMO SHIT
    i dont smoke shit and when i do i beat the fuck outa the dealer for being such a stupidd dealer. - berco

    ok that is one of the dumest things ive herd, you beat the shit out of dealers because there stupid deallers...what are you like 12?

    through all my weed out for new cross breed? sounds like a good idea to me ill just go through the tin of bud out the window

  17. Why bother go to canada to buy some shit when the shit comes to us?This is come commercial bud from canada i had awhile back.The cost is about 10 bucks a gram.

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  18. i started growin my own and no more spending on mexican compressed when i can be patient and get some bomb ass dank
  19. Sorry to all you peeps that disagree with my methods!! No offences but if anybody tries to sell me shit bud i dont sit and smoke it away. I hang out with a pretty "In" crowd in my scene and any problems will be heard and corrected.

    But neways that looks like some pot ive had b4 and looks mighty tasty. But it looks pretty compressed to me i like my schnazz fluffy and sticky-icky-yicky

    Keep on toking across the world
  20. (*RMJL edited this....there won't be any of that shit in the City!)

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