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how much does this look like? (pictures)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dispatchednerve, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Sorry pretty blurry...

    it has quite a few seeds.. but it smokes well..

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  2. Hard to gauge without any perspective, but assuming that's a normal zip-lock, then that's probably a quarter.
  3. yea dude take a pic with something for size of reference i guess but even still we cant tell we dont know how dense the buds are and such
  4. QFT...

    I'd say that's like 3G, really hard to say man.

    How much joo pay for it?

  5. Maybe 3 grams... but pretty hard to tell without a size reference.
  6. Oh...I meant eighth.
  7. not hating..try as hard as you can 2 find really nice will enjoy it much better
  8. 6-7grams exactly.
  9. umm well the first two pictures are all the nugs... 2 thick nugs, the rest varying from thin-normal...

    the third picture is the rest of the bud without the nugs in the bag...

    oh and i would say ive vaped a good 2-3 nugs..
    i paid 100$ for 6g of this, it was meant to be 1/4 but my boy said he got "ripped off" but when he dropped off, he was high outta his mind...
    so my guess is that he took a g for himself..

    technically i paid 120$ for the whole thing.. including delivery fee.

    so yah how much would you say this is?

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  10. depends on dense it is, and quality...if its straight up mids, then you got ripped
  11. You payed $120 for that?! I've said it once and I'll say it again...until you can judge quality/quantity and the corresponding price range, don't spend over $100 on weed, because your naivity will get you screwed.
  12. wait 120..seeds?:mad:id make some phone calls I wouldnt be very happy this new guy I go 2 sometimes tried selling me 1.6 of this crap for 25 said it was good it look awful said no thank u and he said get the fuck out dude didnt even have bags what kinda joke is that
  13. you got ripped off man. i wouldnt boy from him again unless he had a scale and you learn your prices/quality.
  14. looks like you just got ripped off on some dirt.
  15. From what I read and see in this post, I'd say you definitely were taken for your money big time bro.

    I would advise you to never buy from that person again and or trust anyone ever that jacks weed out of a sack of a friend.
  16. This just pisses me off, I really feel bad for you, you have every right to call this kid up and bitch him out. Dealers try to pull this shit on everyone, its just up to you call them out on it. But I assume your fairly young and this tends to happen from time to time to everyone when starting out. Good luck I believe everything will be cleared up if you give him a call
  17. I'm from MA. and are weed is way overpriced and I still think you got ripped. If it's dank 60 but seed shit should be like 20.
  18. 120 shouldnt have seeds

    120 for a quater of dank is a high price

    pics are so shity i cant tell but dont look like it was worth the price at all

    second thought you didnt get the whole quater... get a scale for when buying high quailty bud

    i guess delivery it could be ok if the dude had to drive a good ways out to get it and get it back to you but you got overcharged and shorted id find a new dude or go with for next deal so you can se whts goin down and decide for yourself before your money gets spent
  19. Wow, if you look at it at tfirst it looks like a Half O. but then u can look at it as if its a little baggie and say its just a little bag of shake.
  20. Delivery fee?

    Tell that guy to go fuck himself.

    He's making money off of providing you with the product. He needs a delivery fee too?

    Those pictures are miserable, but it looks like you got shitty weed too. Maybe its the camera, i dunno.

    So $120 for 6 grams of weed thats probably worth $60 at best.

    You need to at least let this guy know, that you know he fucked you.

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