how much does this look like? (in gs)

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  1. i just wanna know about how much you guys think this looks like

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  2. 1.5g's at most, and it looks like schwag, if its even bud. ( sorry if that came off dick haha):smoke:
  3. That looks like a bag of leaves. I'd say between one to one and a half grams tops.
  4. apparently it's carmelicious, but uhh yeah i dont think it
  5. yeaa...smoke it to the face, you'll still get ripped hopefully :smoke:
  6. its like all leaves, will this even get me high

  7. Call that kid back and get pissed :devious: it will but the smoke will harsh as fuck. how much did you pay for it?
  8. Yeah... that doesn't really look like weed to me either.

  9. Yes, it will get you high. Not as high as buds would have gotten you but it will do. I just hope you didnt pay top dollar for it. Lesson learned to check the bag out first and don't ever buy from this person again.
  10. i paid 30 fuckin dollars. and i didnt even really look at it till he left cus i was trying to hold my dog back as i paid him. and i just texted him about it.
  11. Yeah thats at least about twenty dollars too many. lesson learned though and at least its not straight oregano.
  12. doesn't look like there is any crystals on it either and that's what gets you high
  13. yeah dude you overpaid. for thirty dollars you should get a few nice little nugs and some shake... well at least that what i get over here in california. ive been fucked before but remember dude, almost always check your weed unless you know you can trust him. that looks like shwag dude. you should have gotton like 5 times that for what you paid. live and learn dude

  14. There are many things in marijuana that get you high ...

  15. i mean it might weigh out to a 30 sack,(1.5g's where im from) but thats like saying a 16 oz. steak from taco bell is worth the same as a 16 oz. steak from a 5 star resturant
  16. this thread belongs in apprentice tokers
  17. That looks like leaves and stems. Man that sucks.
    No flower/bud in there.

    That's why I don't deal with dealers.
  18. Op got ripped of doesn't look like weed, looks like leafs lol.
  19. i'm looking thru it theres a couple nugs.. i guess i'll just smoke it and find out how bad i got ripped off
  20. & to ddoublevision, i'm new to grasscity so i have no idea where i even put this thread lol

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