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How much does the weed cost where you live?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by njhippie, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. I live in northwestern Jersey (the rural area) and a gram of mids goes for $20 while headies is usually $25.

    A quarter O (what I like to buy when I have the money) of mids is $100 and headies $120.

    I'm interested to hear what kind of deals people get from around the country.
  2. milwaukee

    50 for an eighth for dank

    70 for a half of mids
  3. $20 for a gram of mids???

    I pay $10 for a gram of mids and $20 for dank(jack herer, white widow, ak)

    $100 for a quarter O is really high too, I could get an ounce of mids for less than $100.

    Maybe you should look for a new dealer cause I think you might be getting ripped :confused:
  4. wow..those prices are high

    10 for a 1.5 gram of mids..
    50 for a quarter ounce of mids..
    90 for a 1/2

    10-20 for anything like KB,hydro, any high grade shit like 20 but we dont get much high grade
  5. i get a g of high mids for 15 but my brother is good friends with the guy so i get 1.5gs for 20. THen if i go to my guy i can get a quarter of schwag for 50 which i use for filler in jays and cooking Ect.... because for some reason its got a really good taste.

  6. Ounce of mids $200.
    Ounce of dank $400.
  7. Around here terms like dank and mids don't exist.

    It's either good pot, or it's not.

    An ounce of good pot can cost me between $100-$160.
  8. Our area tends to be outrageous. were far from canada and far from mexico so most of the stuff we see around here is brick middies or really small batches of headies from local guys.

    average prices:

    mids- 25-35 an eighth
    kb- 45-60 an eighth
    headies- 65 and up

    it can get painfully dry around here though and ive seen mids going for as much as 45 an eighth and i once was offered a gram of headies for 35. i wish i had a better opprotunity to grow, just so i could afford to smoke year round.

  9. Where are you from? and i have a hard time believing that $160 an oz weed can ever be "good"

    that said, i hope that its true because it would make you a very fortunate man.
  10. I'm from nothern Vermont.

    Everybody refers to weed as "indoor" "outdoor" and "headies" (regardless as to whether it was actually grown outdoors or indoors, its more a reference to the quality). No other terms exist except some kids that think they are cool and refer to dank weed as "AK-47".
    "Outdoor" costs 25-40 an eighth, 80-140 an oz, around 600-800 for a QP.
    "Indoor" costs 35-45 an eighth. 120-150 an oz, 800-1200 a QP
    "Headies" are ridiculous and cost 45-65 an eighth, 160-250 an oz, and 1000-2000 a QP (it varies).

    As I said above. 160 is average, if a bit pricey, for "good" weed around here. Weed is pretty cheap 'round these parts, I feel.
  11. I really hate these threads. Theres a new one every week and they're all the same.

    Prices are different everywhere.

    Just because you get 37 grams for $8 doesnt mean the guy paying $20 a gram is getting ripped off.

    Different areas/different prices.
  12. 1/8 of mids usually runs about $30-$35 here in Tucson, AZ. We got mostly dirt from Mexico though, but occasionally we have some good shit come through and it'll run about $50 for an 1/8.
  13. I agree completely. Ive had friends who cant believe that i pay what i do for good weed. thats just what it costs here and i dont have a choice if i want to smoke. all of you out there who are buying good shit for under 50 an eighth are blessed and im pretty jealous. think of me next time you spark one of your super cheap joints haha
  14. Those prices are so close, why would anyone even bother buying mids?
  15. Ouch those prices hurt my ears! In OKC I can get high mids 1.5g for 5$ and 60$ an oz and dank is 20$g unless its bomb shit like the purp I got last week was 25$g but I got 3g for 60 cause I'm cool with the guy
  16. Hello,I live pretty damn close to you.I know a grower and grow myself.I dont smoke mids(not saying its bad)but for 1.5 for only 5$ are you sure your not getting Brick?
    Also I have been getting C99 and a few other strains for 300$ an ounce right from the grower.I know one person that is selling "purps" for 25$ wich imo is too expensive.It isnt really purple but has purple hues on it.Okay smoke but not worth the 25$.You could probably do better seeing as I live pretty close to you.

  17. That doesn't make sense at all. It actually costs more to pick up a QP than it does to pick up 4 oz. by your logic
  18. 350-400 oz of dro/dank
    140 for a oz of mids
    60 oz. shwagg
  19. Well im in Australia, i think our dollars are almost even?

    But the herbage here is good and all but its rare that you would ever get a brand name strain to be honest. Mainly just hybrids...

    2grams AU$20
    5grams AU$45
    1/4 O AU$70-$80
    1/2 O AU$110
    full O AU$200

    Always good herbage just not a brand..

    The Duck.
  20. Gatineau Quebec
    $10=1 gram
    $15=2 grams
    $20=3 grams
    $25=3.5-4 grams
    $40=7 grams
    $75=14 grams

    An ounce is 120-180$ depends who you go to.

    I have another guy where a gram is 3$ and an ounce is 50$.

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