how much does smell signify potence

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. i just got some nice weed, many red hairs and dank, but the smell isnt as strong as i would expect it to be. all my life i have thought that the danker the smell the higher it will get you, is this just a myth or what?
  2. I think the red hairs are just as good a sign of potency as smell is.
  3. Smell depends more on the strain, drying and curing process than potency.
  4. I would say that smell is a good indicator that the bud is nice. But not all nice buds smell super strong.
  5. it seems in my experience that smell better correlates with smoke texture rather than potency. This last bag i picked up smells sorta like pine and cherry and i figured it'd be a little harsh and i was correct. still gets me nice and baked though. :smoke:
  6. smell has nothing to do with potency, and can be very deceiving
  7. It's like asking if a girls looks will tell you something about her personality.

    It might...but it also might throw you through a loop.
  8. the best way to judge weed is to look at it. good weed will be very dense sticky nuggets that sometimes looks a little frosty.
  9. Smell will NOT help you determine how potent weed is.

    There, 1 of the 5 senses proved incapable of determining potency.
    You have 4 other options.
    Which one do you think is the wisest choice?
  10. I have freind whos dad grows......they supposedly have Romulan, but it always smells like some sort of spice....kinda schwaggy....but it FUCKS me up.....
  11. I would agree - it's not a rule to live by, but it's the most reliable identification you can have aside from smoking it.

  12. i listen to my weed haha
  13. while good weed normally smells pretty good too, ive had weed thats smelled great, and been shitty, and weed thats smelled shitty and been amazing. its all genetics.

  14. He wins.

    The hairs, Trichomes, and overall look of the bud can determine potency (most of the time) a lot better than smell.
  15. I had some bud once that didn't smell at all, but it was pretty dank.
  16. ya dude ur smelln the bud not the thc. so u wouldnt rly no how good it is..
  17. Smell may have an effect on the high but not on the potency of the high itself. THCV is found in pungent smelling bud. It makes the high come on faster and and harder, but dissipates quicker. Also, many terpenes which produce the many wonderful tastes and smells of bud also have effects on the high.
  18. i smoke it to determine the potency

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