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How much does medical marijuna cost?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by walkingOnAir, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. How much does medical marijuana cost per gram? I know the stuff they get you is UNBELIEVABLE and very potent but how much are you paying per gram of it? is it cheaper on the streets?
  2. Depends on the area.
  3. I would say $13-$25. $20 for good quality. $25 for overpriced good quality. $13 for low quality.
  4. cant imagine it being too much cuz it comes striaght from a grower and wouldnt want patients resorting to street buying.

    prob a bit lower than ur highest street prices.
  5. theres no such thing as medical low quality, thats a contradiction. :wave:

  6. There a few variables but generally at the three Co-Ops I frequent its $10 a gram.

    Potency varies but as the consumer I am able to look, smell, and feel the bud before I pay. My favorite place even allows you return buds that don't work for you, even exchange for weight if after smoking your not satisfied.

    Street prices here locally are generally lower than co-op prices. The clubs set their price high to lessen the likely hood of reselling.

  7. Dude, are you a MMJ patient at all? If not, then don't answer these questions, because you're merely exposing your ignorance.

    Not true at all. I've seen some extremely low quality meds at the less-than-reputable clubs.

    IN general grams at clubs that I go to cost anywhere between $10 and $25, if you buy grams that is. I typically do not.

    I must ask though, what is the big fascination with finding out prices of MMJ that you cannot buy because you aren't a patient?
  8. Probably because they plan on becoming patients in the future.
  9. lol @ planning on becoming an MMJ patient, as if you can flip a switch and POOF

    Of course the prices depends on the area. Just like your normal street stuff. It's all about the economy, supply and demand, etc.
  10. This is ignorance. Anything grown can have a wide range of qualities. Also MJ deteriorates with exposure to O2 and light. Quality is determined by grower skill and genetic potential.

  11. That first sentence was the dumbest thing i've ever heard.
  12. well there's no such thing as medical marijuana per se. there's only marijuana that gets used for medicinal purposes
  13. Generally speaking I would say medical bud is consistantly more potent but much more expensive. You can find the same quality on the street or in the clubs in my area. Clubs can be more convienient but prepare to pay top dollar. Both have pros and cons but clubs are a good fall back.
  14. I've seen from threads on here that it is ussually between $50 and $70 an eigth... It all looks really top notch though
  15. So I'm going a little off topic, but anyone know where to get medical in NJ?
  16. New Jersey is not an MMJ-legal state.

    But I'm sure you can find marijuana anywhere in Jersey.
  17. personally street values are better for me because I know a few well connected people , but I normally pick up my clones/edibles/hash from dispensaries.
  18. I know I need to do more research, but within the past month measures have been taken which legalize medicinal marijuana in NJ. I'll google it and read some more.

    Oh, and first post :smoking:

  19. Currently there are 2 pending medical marijuana bills in New Jersey. These bills would allow patients with "seriously debilitating illnesses" to use marijuana medically.
    Gov. Corzine said that he WILL sign the bills if they reach his desk, although he will not seek it out because he feels it is not a top priority for the greater population.

    We can only cross our fingers at this point, I guess.
  20. Im just thinking how sick it would be to be a MMJ. There is currently no talks on MMJ in Ireland, which is unfortunate because all I have is prescribed meds for my anxiety. But i plan to move to California when i get my degree in TV/Film studies and work in the industry without any anxiety. :smoke:

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