How much does it take you to get high...

Discussion in 'General' started by CaptainCupcake, May 12, 2011.

  1. ...vs when you *first* started smoking?

    I've only been smoking for a couple years, much recently I have been smoking every day for a few months.

    I remember when I first started it took a couple hits and I was good; now it takes a joint. Also, have your preferred levels of 'highness' so to speak changed?

    For example, when I first started smoking I did not like getting really high; just enough to relax me. Now I thoroughly enjoy getting insanely high.

    I'm just curious about other's perspectives.
  2. I haven't smoked in months so I imagine .1 of dank smoked properly would get me high
  3. a gram blunt to the face gets me stoned for hours a bowl to the face out of the bong gets me high for a bit
  4. I've been smoking like 10 years and I get high easier now.
  5. One hit of the shit i get changes me. Like a bowl to get decently high though. When i first started smoking i wasn't getting a lot of kill. I actually started out smoking sugar leaves. Dad used to have freezer bags full in the garage. Like just freezer bag after freezer bag. Jacked one of those and thought i was so cool thought it was actual weed lol. Anyway that kept me REALLY fucked up for like the whole summer. But if it was actual bud i would say like 2 hit probably would have gotten me pretty high.

    When i first started smoking i liked to get just high. Not fucked up but high. Because i used to always try to smoke with the big boys and end up paranoid as fuck half passed out riding the bus home by myself. Now like you i wanna get as fucked up as possible.
  6. I usually only use my 24inch 5150 when im home and it usually takes 2-4 bowl packs say 1-2 grams easy. High quality last me a high of about an hour or 2. Top quality last me3-4 hours with a good high.

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