How much does it take to make butane hash oil?

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  1. How many grams of oil can I get from a half ounce of sugar leaves? Thinking about making it for my first time
  2. nice, is it worth it? and can I smoke th3 hash oil out of a regular metal pipe? Would it be better to smoke the leaves or make the oil?
  3. Smoking out of a regular pipe isn't ideal because it wastes quite a bit. Put it on top of a bowl of weed or hot knife it if you don't have a dab rig.
  4. I would not smoke out of a metal pipe.  If you don't have a rig then smoking the leaves would likely be the most bang for your buck.  Although most oil I have gets put on top of a bowl of herb, rarely use my rig as its just a cheap one.  Hot knifing oil works well.
  5. Hell I'm making it, I'm gonna gonna make a device to smoke it
  6. If you get 2 g's from a half o of trim then teach me your ways
  7. I never made it so I couldn't tell you.
  8. Once you make it you will be shocked how easy it is. Only a total dip shit would blow themselves up.
    My tips are.......
    put away cigarettes and lighters so you dont space and light a smoke during or right after blasting.
    Dont do it stoned, do it sober so you dont fuck anything up.
  9. thanks man, I'm going to do it in my camper with windows down. It looks easy, hardest part seems like waiting for the butane to evaporate haha
  10. I'd stay outside the camper. Butane is heavier than air and will pool up below your windows.

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