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How much does it take to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrFrizzles, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Yeah, I inhaled.
    It only really took one then and it's the same today.
    Aluminum cans are to thin for the heat. Watch yer self doing that.
    everyday roller
  2. I know what I'm about to say has already been said but yeah try not to use cans because you can get something called 'lock jaw' which is not good for you....I've been smoking for a few years off and on but back then I used to smoke 1g blunts with my friends. On my own I just pack a very small bowl pack that I bought off the store here and that still gets me ripped. Probably like .3 haha. Remember to hold in your breath for 5 seconds and then exhale. Don't even bother going past 7 seconds because it's not going to do you any better.

  3. 5 year old thread revival? Nicely done sir.
  4. Mids should get you going in 4 good hits.

    It's all about timing everything perfectly to get the most smoke, and then hold it in for no more than 7 seconds.
  5. 1st I smoked I didn't really get high

    2nd I smoked I smoked about 2 bowls and a joint with my friends and I coulda swore I was dreaming and while we were walking I wanted to stop because I was trippin out but didn't because I didn't wanna seem like a pussy in front of my friends :smoking:

    After tho we proceeded to go jack in the box order 20 tacos and went to go hotbox my friends garage :smoking:

    After that I would get high off 1-2 hits and my tolerance would stay that low for 5-6 months :smoking:
  6. Just one bowl or joint usually does the trick. I don't smoke every day though.

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