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how much does it take for you to get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by big_will, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. See... when i smoke i usually just keep smoking until im just fucked up and thats usually half a joint of some high quality ghetto weed from the hood. Usually when i do that about a hour later i pass out i guess cause i got so high. Do you ever get that high? I know people who have been smoking forever have to smoke a lot just to get high. Most people like that dont get fucked up like they did when they first started smoking weed. Im glad my tolerance isnt that high yet. Even though i read that you dont develop a tolerance in some health book. I think its just the amount of thc in your blood that determines how much you have to smoke to get fucked up.
    Im fittin to test my tolerance out right now..........mmmmm.....thats some good shit.
  2. I jus bust out a nug, and i smoke it. It takes me more than most people to get STONED, i think anyone gets high from a couple bongs hits of dank shit
  3. i been smokin daily for yrs and yrs , it usually takes me atleast 3-4 good solid rips to get a coo high. I dont think over the yrs it takes more for me to get high i just think im able to smoke more cause im so use to being high.
  4. Ussually smoke a Joint of some good shit... that get me stoned off of my assand ussually there big as shit.
  5. usually a joint by myself, or atleast 2 bowls
  6. literally a couple of drags of a spliff...

    ok... so i can (and fucking will...) smoke more, but i generally get as tickled as possible from the tiniest amount. takes me about an eighth to get comically stoned off my ass though, but far less to get 'high'...

    ...depends on what mood i'm in too... if i'm well relaxed, just done some tai chi, that sort of thing then it's really easy to get high. if i've been in the bar for six hours, i'll mong out and feel sick pretty soon, but getting high is pretty much impossible, gotta chain-smoke ganja till the beers wear off ;)
  7. I can get high off my ass just by smoking 1 blunt of mid shit. And I can get totally fucked up when I hold the smoke in my lungs for like 12 seconds or so. I'm lucky I can get fucked up off of basicaly nothin.
  8. depends if i smoked much on the days before.. usually tho one bowl gets me high.. two gets me real stoned.. after 3 my speech slurs it's funny.. lol..
  9. Way too much, unless it's incredibly good herb, in which case a nice size joint or a bowl or two.
  10. not much, a few pinches in my bong
  11. If i have some hydro shizzo i get high off of a bowl, and really high off of two...
  12. a few flakes of hash plant will get me a good high, but on friday me and a few friends are gonna smoke 5 grams of hash plant at once.
  13. i usually smoke about 4 bowls . i'm trying to conserve so thats all i'm allowed. i have to make a 1/4 last a week. if i had my way i'd have it smoked in less then 48hrs
  14. I could smoke a bowl and be satisfied.
  15. Remember- it's not a competition. Whatever it takes to get you nicely blitzed is enough.

    I'm usually good for a few hours after around a bowl load of good shit to myself. I try to smoke less than 1/8th in a week though. Just because of conserving factor. I'd rather be nicely blitzed for a week than stoned out of my mind for one night. :p Having a cigarette after a few bong hits gets me higher, so I usually do that.

    I think it's a waste to get so blitzed out of your mind that you just pass out.

    Doesn't mean I can't smoke more though. If money wasn't an issue, I'd be smoking a helluva lot more than I am right now.
  16. I'm lucky. I've been smoking for over 4 years now and it still only takes me like 1 to 2 bowls depending on what it is.
  17. Usually when Im smoking by myself a bowl will get me a nice high if I smoke half of it right after a pack it, then hit it every few minutes untill its gone. I dont get real stoned that way, more of just a nice long high, being real stoned when im alone makes me too tired. But the occasional blunt to the dome is always nice. :smoke:
  18. One or Two bowls
  19. Before work and school, I normaly only take 3 or 4 hits. After work or before bed, 1 or 2 bowles and those are normaly taken with a beer. They compleat my three b's -- beer, bowl, bed! Megan
  20. I know that i also kind of have a low tolerance to bud, I have been smoking for about 3 more years than my brother and it still takes more for him to get high. I have also noticed that you can't get retarded blown off of the same amount when close in time, though it still only takes one to two hits to get high. Personally to get high it only takes about a hit and a half of prime Snow, but to get retarded it takes maybe about 10 good bong rips, and the difference isn't really that much in the high aspect.

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