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How much does it really take to overdose?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pj1008, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Now i know that it's impossible to actually overdose on THC due to the fact that someone could just not smoke enough no matter how hard they tried but i have heard it will take anywhere from 1/3 your body weight smoked in under an hour to 1,500 pounds smoked in 15 min and i want to know the truth because that is a major difference.
  2. the truth is no one know because its never been done but its been estimated to be like 40,000 times what it takes to get you high i think
  3. The estimate I've heard is that approximately 14,000 joints would have to be smoked in 20 minutes in order to deliver the LD50 dose of THC. LD50 is the dose at which 50 percent of test individuals will be killed. In a lab rat, the amount of THC needed to produce an LD50 dose was indeed about 1/3 of the body weight of a rat.
  4. The real truth is that you cant overdose on weed, you'll pass out before you could even smoke anything close to what it would take
  5. i heard u need to smoke a jay the size of a telephone pole or sum shit
  6. Lol that would be a sight to see

  7. what?:confused:
  8. yeah, youd pass out due to oxygen deprivation before you could overdose (looooong before you could overdose).
  9. Thats actually the definition of overdose.

    "a dose, which is considerably higher than the effective one, and very near to the toxic one"

    Overdose does not mean a fatal dose. It simply means more than the amount required to be a "effective"

    I think i've overdosed on pot twice, eating too many Cannabutter Cookies.
    Its hard to judge what the "right amount" of cookies is the first time you make or try them. Both times i got alittle nausea, then very Dizzy, and passed out against whatever it was i was leaning against.
  10. This is just what I have heard, so just read it as a rumor or w/e you want. Well, I've heard there's a thc ratio with your weight, so depending on your weight is how much weed you would have to smoke, but it's pretty much impossible to smoke that much in the required amount of time you'd need all of it in your system to OD. But I always wondered if it's possible to make a concentrate, like a pill so concentrated to take it would mean you'd OD, just a thought though.
  11. where do i sign up for the testing?
  12. If the OP changes the thread title to "how much does it take for a FATAL dose", this thread, and all the rehashed urban legends in it, would actually make sense ;)
  13. youll suffocate before you OD on marijuana.
  14. Yup, you would flood your lungs with smoke long before an overdose would happen.
  15. I'm suprised no one his quoting what the guy said in the union. It would take roughly 720grams in one hour to od. The dude who thoughtit od on cannabutter. You didn't man.
  16. Thanks for your opinion, however since you decided to quote yet another Assumption and urban legend in your post, i'm not really going to pay much attention to it, other than once again, point out the facts, so that junior members in the Apprentence section can educate themselves, and stop with the ridiculous rehashing of Pot myths.

    There is a difference between "Fatal Dose" and "Overdose", feel free to look up the terms in a medical dictionary. Use the library, not an online dictionary, so you can base your facts on reality.

    Eating CannaCookies should give you a body stone. The minimal dosage required to do this is called the "therapeutic dosage", or the correct Dosage required for a desired effect.

    By eating random amounts of Cookies that were untested, i exceeded the "therapeutic dosage", and had Nuasea, dizzyness, and Passed out.
    Exeeding a "therapeutic dosage", is called "overdosing". If you overdose with high enough levels of a product that it becomes toxic and fatal, it becomes a "Fatal Dosage".

    Keywords to research if you would like to become educated:
    Therapeutic dosage
    Fatal dose

    Urban legends to Ignore if you'd like to sound educated, and base opinions on facts rather than assumptions:

    "720grams in one hour to od"
    "40,000 times what it takes to get you high "
    "smoke a jay the size of a telephone pole or sum shit"
    "youd pass out due to oxygen deprivation before you could overdose"
    "it will take anywhere from 1/3 your body weight smoked in under an hour "
    "1,500 pounds smoked in 15 min"
  17. In high school my science teacher told me if you smoked twice your weight in one sitting which isn't possible. I'm 220 so thats 400+lbs in one sitting. Just hand me a gram and a bong and I'll be cool :bongin:
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    I've got to agree with everyone else that says there's a lot of confusion between an "OVERDOSE and a "FATAL DOSE." They ARE different things, guys! I think it's because of how often heroin-related deaths are reported in the media as "overdoses." People start to think overdose means death, and apply it to all drugs.

    Anyway, to "overdose," you really only need to take in enough that it stops being fun, and starts producing some very undesirable effects. Cast off your preconception about what the word means .... you've been wrong all this time. ;)

    I've overdosed myself, by dumping too much weed into a peanut butter bake. It is is EXTREMELY easy to take in too much cannabis when you're eating it .... there should be warnings posted in the edibles forum about that, so many newbie chefs fall victim to it. Amsterdam coffee shops won't sell their famed space cakes without warning signs, just because they were tired of tourists calling the E.R. when they began to freak out about being so incredibly, impossibly, inescapably high (of course the paramedics can't do anything -- it's a matter of waiting it out). If you think that your tolerance is too high, if you think that the only thing you know about being baked is wanting it to be stronger or last longer ..... THINK AGAIN. Eating weed is different. Take in too much, and you'll look forward to sobering up as the light at the end of the tunnel. I speak from experience. :)

    THAT is the only criteria a certain amount of a drug needs to meet to be considered an "overdose." More than you want, more than it's fun to have, enough to make you feel sick.

    The worst part about overdosing on an edible is that it's not necessarily possible to just sleep through it, as so many people assume. I was literally too anxious to sleep. Wasn't fun at all.

    You can see my description of the experience in my recent post history, if you're really curious, but .... yeah. "Overdose" means "too much." Not "death." You can get more THC into your system than it's fun to have, for sure.
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    Ok so now i understand the difference between the two but yet still no one has told me the actual "fatal dose", so if you wouldn't mind opening one of those medical books of yours and answer the question at hand.

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