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how much does it cost to invest in one marijuana plant?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by sgarc3, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. im thinking of growing but i want to start out small so can i just put the seed in a little cup and hide it somewhere i live with my family so where can i hide it? how much bud does a medium sized plant make every harvest?and can i just use seeds from bud that i buy? thanksin advanced [​IMG]
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    you can use any viable seed you find anywhere

    the amount of bud depends on many factors (lights, stress, flower and veg time, strain, airflow, medium, etc)

    i grew 3 plants outdoors for under $30 all together and would have ended up with atleast a half oz if i hadnt been ripped

    but i live in the worst town imagineable for growing weed (growing season is sooo fucked up here)

    and you can only harvest a plant once lol

    i would suggest growing outdoors for your first time just so you dont end up burning money if it doesnt work and you have a bunch of lights and shit laying around
  3. any ideas were i can hide it?
  4. inside? or out?
  5. I grew 5 last year outside for about $75 and netted 1.5 lbs. Use the best soil you can buy like Fox Farm Ocean Forest.
  6. well i cant think of anywhere outside so inside i guess. alsodo i need a special ligh or will any lamp do? also can the plant produce bud even if its around a medium size how does the growing height work? lol sorry for all the questions
  7. dude do some reading. People can answer your questions but its all right here in the sticky's.
  8. i am ive been reading all the stickys along with google if your not going to contribute then leave :wave:
  9. He is trying to help, but you just think growing pot is as easy as growing something legal. Marijuana is a weed and grows fast, but to get anything out of it you need to invest time and money into growing it. And no you cant just start it in a cup and put a light over it and grow pot. If your trying to hide it from other people in the household you will need to invest in something that is light tight and will fit in a closet. Also pot STINKS when you grow it so if you don't have something planned before you start growing for odor than you just gonna get busted. I recommend you do a Micro Grow like a PC case or 2 rubbermaid totes stacked on top of each other. If you don't take any of the things I said into consideration then I recommend you don't grow otherwise you won't yield off the plants or you will get busted before you can even get to that stage. So I recommend that you start with a PC grow google that and see if you wanna spend the time and money to grow.
  10. thanks ill check it out
  11. To make a decent PC grow You should expect to drop at least $100, since you should be 18 to use this sight that should be nothing to ya anyways.
  12. my best answer is you pay for what you get. when you go to clubs and get top shelf its top shelf for a reason they didnt just get some soil put some cfls in there and use some MG as fert. now im not saying it wont work im just saying get what you pay for
  13. I am doing a grow in an aerogarden (AG). I had it already as I had used it to grow fresh herbs (basil mostly) for my birds.
    I found my AG when I unpacked and I found a seed I had from a seed club and decided to go for it.
    I am using what I have to get my first hydroponic grow going. It can cost you as much as you want or as little as you want, just be imaginative.

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