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how much does Hydrocodene go for?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. what is a decent price for a 500mg tab?
  2. by me i can 750mg for $3 each they usually go for $5 try and get 6 for $25 of the 500mg find someone with a prescription your best bet.
  3. k thanks...6 for $25 is standard you would say?
  4. 500mg, 750mg, eh? That would be the APAP, you're thinkin 5mg, 7.5mg.

    It's normally $3/5mg, $4/7.5mg, $5/10mg around here, but you always see people tryin to sell 5's for $5 and such.
  5. yea sorry, "APAP 7.5/500mg"....thanks
  6. The universal price for Bars(2MG) and Hydrocodone(10 MG/500) is 2 for 5 where i'm at...It gets cheaper if you buy more. For 25$ i'd probably get 11 or so.
  7. im assuming your talking about 5/500's which are vicodins. i can get these for 1-2 a pop, if your talking about 10/500 (percocet i believe?) i can score for 3-5 a pop.

    my favorites which as most of you know is roxicet which is 15 with no apap filler for 10 a pill

    happens around here sometimes. such a rip off since it would take 3 of those to get what 1 roxi does for me...
  8. Your mixing up hydrocodone, with oxycodone. Percocets and roxicets are oxycodone based pills, while vicodines are hydrocodone/

    I wouldnt, personally, pay more than 50 cents for a 5 mg hydrocodone. In fact, my boss gives me 10/325's for free. lol. But if i HAD to pay, It'd be 50 cents for 5's, $1 for 7.5's, and 1.50-2$ for 10's
  9. 5mg for $1-$2
    7.5 for $2.5-$3

    around here atleast
  10. 1, 2 and 3 dollars respectively for 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg.
    i only fuck with the 10mg yellow guys cause anything else theres a bit too much apap for me :smoking:
  11. hell yeah cuddie, fuckin Norcos.
  12. vikes can mess up your stomach up if you take too much you'll shit green for a days or having 1-2 days of vomitting i say look for the oxycodone there a lot better try get a 4 for $20 deal of p10s if not get 1 or 2 roxicet 30mg for 15 each

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