How much does head of NY library make?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. You keep bringing up really, really, really arbitrary shit to justify LeClerc's salary, meanwhile completely ignoring totally substantive and essential points, like the fact that essential public services are being sidelined because of the massive mismanagement of public finances, yet this asshole gets paid a retarded amount of money to run an outdated institution.

    Let me know when you can actually justify LeClerc's salary without having to compare him to other libraries in other towns (It's the fucking NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, practically everyone knows about it from various cultural references since the 80's and 90's) and cities, or to the Smithsonian. Or about how many branches it has. He's the fucking executive of the library, he doesn't do managerial tasks, he sits in an office and makes executive decisions. Doesn't matter if he has a thousand branches or a single branch under his control, the simple fact is, he has someone below him to do managerial work. Woop-dee-fucking-doo.

    Basically what I'm getting at, is you have no argument.
  2. Also, libraries are on their way out. Most people I know who use a library, are people who need access to a internet connection because their PC or internet is down, or people who borrow music from the libraries to rip it to their PC's and distribute it online. Thanks to things like the Amazon Marketplace and e-book readers like the Kindle or the iPad, the proliferation of information has not only made information cheaper to attain, but also far more accessible than keeping up with library rules (and fines). Pretty soon, we'll have no need for libraries.

  3. Par for course for garrison. At least he's living up to expectations.
  4. If we were to follow this guy's conception of culture, pretty soon we'll have no need for, and no opportunity for exposure to: Musicians, schools, books, concert halls, novelists, historians, teachers, artists, etc. The only legal "music" available will be hip-hop piped in through cheap MP3 players, into equally cheap earbuds, created by musically illiterate, wannabe tough guys living with their parents in the suburbs. :wave:
  5. So many logical fallacies, where to even begin?

    Oh wait, I know where. You're a joke.

    A racist who thinks we need libraries to have culture, and can't think his way out of a paper bag.

  6. Let's take a guess as to the name of the one and only book in the world that Kylesa is against burning. Hint: It was the topic of a front page news story a couple of weeks ago. :wave:
  7. I have your posting style down to a science.

    1. Say something retarded.
    2. When questioned about forementioned retarded views, back it up with irrelevant examples and irrelevant articles.
    3. When the other poster points out the rightly irrelevant examples and articles, engage ad hom mode.
    4. When called out on being a poor debater, say something even more retarded than your first post on the topic, top it off with some more paralogisms, and add the cute 'lil waving smiley, as if you just posted something profound, when in reality you're just affirming your own stupidity.
    5. Rinse, repeat.
  8. Just burn the books, except for the one that you'd refuse to. What else is there to say, when you've already stated that you'd close down the libraries? When "retarded" is somebody's main description of a moderate voice of reason, then a smiley face is about all they deserve.
  9. You're totally right garrison68, because I think libraries are outdated, I totally want to ban and burn all books, except for a particular one, which I'm inferring your implication is the Qu'ran, because I don't hate Muslims with a burning, almost pathological passion.

    Anyone taking count of the logical fallacies? I'm starting to lose count.
  10. You give yourself a lot of credit, I'll say that for you.

    In the future, if you still have any books, well the "wrong" kind at least, then get ready for a knock on your door from Kylesa's library goon squad - and you'd better have a good fire insurance policy, that's all I can say.
  11. That's right. My master plan is to close down libraries and hunt down people who read books a la Fahrenheit 451. Drat, my plan has been uncovered by the genius otherwise known as garrison68. Run and hide little girls, I got my torch in-hand, and I thirst for book-burning.

  12. Don't ask garrison. I doubt he can even count that high.

  13. This is pretty much what you've been implying throughout the whole thread, anybody could see that, glad you've finally gotten to see your way clear through to the final.......elucidation.
  14. You better watch out, Stage 2 of my plan is to burn computers. I'm coming for you next, don't you worry.

  15. Fiddlesticks and mints :wave:

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