How much does head of NY library make?

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    It takes a certain type of person to get ultra wealthy people to donate collections of rare manuscripts, books and other materials, in addition to large endowments, to the NYC Public Library system. This person must also be ready to attend other peoples charity events, social gatherings, and affairs whether he wants to or not. He or she must be willing and able to entertain the ultra rich at home and in public, because these are the people who finance the building and maintenance of new pavilions, pave the way for future projects, and help finance other library resources. This is in addition to running the third largest repository of books in the world, creating an online system for everybody who has the internet, managing numerous people and library institutions, making decisions that involve many millions of dollars, and much more. Basically, it's a commitment of all his time and you shouldn't have to read between the lines of Dr. LeClerc's bio to realize this.

    You can't get any of this done very well with a hundred dollar suit, a tie from Wal-Mart, a one bedroom co-op in the boonies, and a standing reservation at the Olive Garden.
  2. I hear superficial excuses, not to be confused with reasons.

    Seems to me like you just made more of a case against what you're arguing for. You basically just said that without the so-called "ultra wealthy people" there wouldn't even be much of a library. Seems to me that the people who enjoy that which the library has to offer should be more grateful to these "ultra wealthy people" than with the overpaid schmoozer.

    Aside from that, how is it that you have such robust inside knowledge on the workings of all of this, exactly? Or are you just speculating?
  3. We could have a bare-bones library that is adequate, or one that is world class. Thanks to the tireless work of Dr. LeClerc and others, we have the latter. To pay this individual a salary that is equal to that of a glorified clerk in a single-building University library simply would not work, it's not realistic in any way, shape or form.

    It doesn't take a whole lot of worldliness to understand this. :D
  4. Who said anything about paying him a clerk's salary?

    Wouldn't the difference between a "bare-bones" library and a "world class" library have more to do with the aforementioned "ultra wealthy people" and their donations, as opposed to a single individual?

    How is it that you have such robust inside knowledge on the workings of all of this, exactly? Or are you just speculating?

  5. Not me, I didn't say a "clerk's salary", I said a "glorified" clerk - as in the head of a university library, in Houston, who makes almost two hundred grand a year. This is a far cry from the director of NYC's vast public library, with 89 branches, the details of which I have outlined in other posts.

    In fact, if he were paid the modest sum of ten thousand a year for each of the 89 library branches he's in charge of, he'd make $890,000 a year - more than his current salary. :D

    If he got $193,000 a year, like the university library director, for each building of the NYC Public Library, he'd get paid over seventeen million a year. Sounds like a bargain to me.
  6. You're making a retarded assumption that only someone who is wealthy is capable of running a library. In fact, it's pretty insulting. You're also making the retarded assertion that the person who runs the library has everything to do with the endowments and shit it gets, and not the history of the library itself. To myself, the New York Public Library has history, it's kind of like a cultural phenomenon, and whoever is at the head of it has no impact on my impression of it. The reason why the NYPL is such a cultural centerpiece, as far as libraries are concerned, is most likely the same reasoning behind why it holds signifigance to me. It's well-recognized because of cultural elements like movies and television.
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    Seven hundred thousand grand a year is not a lot of money for the job that this man has done. I do not care what you think is "retarded", lol, you can rail all you want but we have the best. It doesn't matter what you think, you obviously don't go to this library.

    I was able to trace my family history back to the Mayflower, using their genealogy collections. This is something that people in other parts of the country would not be able to easily do, all I had to do was take a subway ride to the central branch on 42nd Street and do some research - all free except for using the Xerox machine, lol. If I could do this, so easily, on the weekends, I can only imagine what somebody could do that went there frequently and really applied themselves to study and do work of a more serious nature.
  8. I like how you continue to fail to answer how it is you have such an internal knowledge of the doings of the head of the NY library; to mention nothing of your ignoring other lines of questioning.

    I think it's safe to say all you're doing is speculating at this point. In other words, you really have no idea what his job entails, and what duties, expectations and responsibilities really go with it.

    For all you know he plays golf 8 hours a day and delegates managerial tasks out to his underlings.

  9. Really? Did you really just say this? :rolleyes:
  10. He must be related to this guy or something.
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    Whatever you say, Chief. :hello:
  12. Compelling. :rolleyes: Almost as compelling as your mosque demagoguery.

  13. Blatant sarcasm is a sure sign of losing an argument.

    You really have contributed nothing to this. Why don't you tell us what he should be paid, and why? Should it be the same as a library director in a small town or university?

  14. During 2005, the library also hired three officers who were paid substantially more than the people they replaced.

    I thought those that wish for a Free Market would begrudgingly applaud the new employees for their success in negotiating such a wage for themselves...:confused:

  15. yeah he gets paid (the president ) 200 g's but do you know how much he soends on expenses which he doesnt pay for? Think about he maybe spends more then a Million of the governments money just on his family a year .
  16. my girls mom is a librarian on li and makes close to 100k.

  17. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  18. Obviously, finding somebody to be the head of the entire NYC Library system, which encompasses Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island is not easy - or cheap. But of course there are people on this board who think that this kind of talent comes free, or at the same cost as a University library director. :hello:
  19. :confused:

  20. Yeah right, Chief. :hello:

    Why don't you answer the question of how much you think this man should make? We're all holding our breath. Should he be paid the same as a library director in a University, or something that is commiserate with the abilities required for the largest public library, with the exception of the Smithsonian, in the United States?

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