how much does growing cost in the end?

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  1. I want to grow 4 plants I plan on using 1 MH lamp 400-600w,and 1 HPS 400-600w, probly foxfarm trio nutrients and their ocean soil, 3 2gallon pots, a temp,ph, and humidity sensors(tells what the temp, ph and humidity is, idk the name though hahaa) ummm mylar paper, soil tabs and flower tabs (do I need those if I use nutrients?) 2 fans (what works for ventilation? Fans?) How much would all this cost? Please and thank also if I'm missing anything can you tell me, I'm new at this I haven't started my first grow yet haha I'm sure I missed a lot so any tips or anything will help thanx a lot guys and goood growing
  2. For my first grow I used a similar setup and paid about $300. Hope that helps. Goodluck!
  3. Yea it helps haha that's exactly what I needed, hmm 300 that's not to bad
  4. I would say for me 400-500 including soil pots, nutes etc. I kept needing small stuff to like some more ducting etc. So it all added up. The big things were easy like grow tent 90 bucks, 400w HPS was 160. Even now I keep buying this or that like just ordered Fox Farms Pest Control for a problem I was having etc.

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  5. Ebay bro! You can get mylar grow tent kits that come with everything you need fans lights timers etc...
  6. it cost and OZ to grow and Oz.

    300-400 dollars. ballpark range.
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    Well, I think I'm pushing close to $3000 right now to grow one plant.. God I must be insane.

    4x4x6.5' Tent $250
    6" Vented hood $150
    6" Exhaust Fan $225
    Buckets $25
    Rain Barrel $150
    Nutrients $100
    Water Pump $30
    Air Pump $50
    Hydroton $35
    CAP Air-4 environmental controller $220
    Lumatek 1000 W ballast $400
    Hortilux 1000 W bulb $110
    Ducting $50
    Co2 tank $150
    Co2 solenoid $150
    Carbon air filter $150
    Dehumidifier $80
    Remote Hygrometer $25
    IP Camera (to watch my room from work) $200
    Yo Yo light hangers $15
    Portable fans $60

    I didn't plan on spending that much, it just kept snowballing. First it was too hot in my tent so I bought the vortex fan, then it was too cold. So I bought a timer for the fan, but the temp swing was too much, so then I bought the CAP AIR-4 to control the temp a little easier. Then I thought well I spent the money on this thing, might as well buy the Co2.

    Edit: forgot to add in a couple things.

    Surge protectors $50
    Appliance Timers $30
    PH Meter $80
    EC Meter $80
    Calibration Solutions $40

    A little side not about the IP camera. It is focused on my plant yes, but I also have my hygrometer in the picture as well so that I know if something is out of whack.
  8. yea ive put in about $1500 to get up and runnin. still other things ive yet to get that i need.

  9. Well I must be to because I never intended to spent very much 300-500 well about 1.2k later lol. Dumped half my tax return into this stuff and still not done getting what I want.
  10. Prepare to spend over 300$ easy for an indoor grow
    Like with every investment, after the first couple of successful grows it pays for itself then you are in the positive thereafter :smoke:

  11. You aren't insane. My 5 HP chiller alone cost almost $10,000.00 (ChillKing self contained with cold weather upgrade)

    The sky is the limit. This is insane:

    Grow Room Intergration Done Right - THCfarmer

    This is a six digit setup for sure. And it is the most well done home grow setup I've ever seen.
  12. I'd say you CAN get started for 400 minimum if you go with the 400w but you can't do everything half ass and expect great results. Research grow room set ups on YouTube or Google see what will work for your space and try to duplicate the best you can. If your looking at 400-600w are you using a tent? 600w in a closet will have heat issues unless GOOD ventilation I have a 600 in a 4x4 tent with vented hood and exhaust out of the room It's still 82-85 with lights on. So whatever you do KEEP HEAT IN MIND. GOOD LUCK.....V
  13. I'm sure the power bill isn't free either.

  14. Depends where you live ;)
  15. It all depends on what you already have and how nice of a setup you want. You can get away cheap and build everything yourself if you already have the tools and a lot of the materials laying around your house, but a lot of things you cant go cheap on such as ph and ec meters. your gonna get what you put into it, it just might take longer depending on how you do it. I believe my CFL coco setup was under $200 total but i did everything myself and had all the tools already.

  16. 10 cents per KW is not to bad.
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    A "living on a fixed income" grow- "Granny's very well lit closet"

    4 shop lights (included "cool white" tubes) - $40

    8 "warm white" tubes @ $3 - $24

    scrap lumber, scrounged fittings - free

    3 - 19 gallon rubbermaid tubs @ $4 - $12

    Potting mix, manure - $30

    Timer - $4

    Dollar store Epsom salts - $ 1

    surge protector - $3

    Bone meal, blood meal - $15

    home-made compost - free

    bait worms - $2

    So about $130 to get it going and I bought the "warm whites" later when my seedlings were ready to bud. I grew 2 plants from some old bag seed- ended up with a bit over 3 ounces. So the first harvest paid for all and then some. Electricity runs me about $25 per month. Ghetto, but it worked!

    My well lit closet continues to turn out meds at a goodly rate. I replaced the overhead tubes with CFLs. (The tubes on the back wall remain to light lower buds.)

    2 - 4 socket bathroom light fixtures from thrift store - $10
    8 CFLs @ $7 each - $56

    The electric bill remains about the same, but I get more light and my buds are firmer. Just harvested 2 White Widows (total about 3 1/2 oz dry weight) and a sativa (1 1/2 oz). A nameless red-stemmed bag seed will be ready in about a week/ 10 days. It's not a fancy set up, but it supplies enough for our needs as medical users- and that's all that it really needs to do. :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  18. Don't forget to let us know what you end up going with BRO

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