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How much does fimming/topping help?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by HerbIsGood, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking of topping or fimming my plant. Do you think it'd help much or what? If so, how much more does it yield in your experience?

    Also, if I took cuttings and started tehm today would it be advisable to top/fim them once they stabalized their root system and such?

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    Depends on the strain, but in most cases it makes more sense to tie the plants down. Tying down the plant does the same thing and there's no added stress.:eek:

    This way the plants still receive more light, hence more bud.......How much depends on to many variables that im not willing to describe.....:smoking:
  3. Some plants react to topping/fimming better than others, but if all works out well, you would have higher yield than had you not.
  4. Start it after like starting 2nd later. seems to make it more evenly branched than waiting till bigger. Works for me
  5. There are a few strains that LOVE to be pruned. Used to cut every piece of new growth about once every two weeks with Durban Poison and it absolutely loved it. They would get to be 6 feet tall and seven feet across. On the other hand, Purple Kush does best if pinched as a seedling at the third set of true leaves and then it wants to be left alone.
  6. I think it's a little late in the season to pinch ur plants. They should start flowering within next 3 weeks. not enough time for them to produce solid new growth
  7. I tie mine down - I find topping makes no difference to yield.
  8. I read on an old post that fimming or topping will get rid of a guaranteed large main cola. Is this true?

    For my next grow, I don't care so much about weight as I do about getting one giant cola.
  9. top once and lst through all vegetative stage
  10. no it is not true of course.
    number of colas depends how many times you top her.Sativa phenos are better for big colas.
    I love twice.

    Also LST is pure shit and you will ruin your yield
    Also LST is pure shit and you need more space
    Also LST is pure shit and your chance for bud rotting is bigger cause plant are down
    Also LST cant beat topping but if someone think different he should open my pictures and show me his LST of 600grams per plant

    Definitely im with HST (High Stress Training) ... or whatever is correct name of lst.
  11. yeah im not to big on lst myself. although next season i think i will experiment with 1 girl
  12. I have very simple question.
    Why nobody who talk about LST like good do not showing his plant of 600 grams ?
    Is that shame or what ...

    Come on guys ... need just one picture of 600 grams ... no matter who grow that LST or where and on which forum picture is ...
    If not of 600 grams show The Best LST ever ,for what you know ...

    Lets made comparing here ... or comparing is shame to ?
    I say to any lst thread or picture have explanation what his lst is bad and direction how and where to look on the picture ...


    Doing LST like personal choice of cultivation is one thing, but facts about topping vs lst is totally another thing.

    Can we go little deeper in this about :
    -Bud rotting
    -and other what you find for important

  13. Pfft, where i topped my plant it turned black and now refuses to grow. i sterilized the shit out of my scissors and everything. be careful.
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    This plant was not toped at all. It was X-mas tree style before I tied it over dew to going over the fence. It will have many large colas. Not donkey dicks but large.

    the plant on the right was topped two time s when small to have 4 main shoots at a little over a foot. It grew to have only two main shoots. This will be donkey dicks.

    The plant in the middle was also topped two times when small but it was LST'd

    The Plant on the Left was almost dead when I got it. It was about 12 inches tall and the top half was dried dead. The was about 5 dime size green leafs on the bottom of the plant. It has had no topping or LST done to it. Lets just say mother nature topping :)


    As you can see I planted them to close. So this is really hard to say which one will have more bud. Here is a shot before crowding came a problem. If the plant in the middle was in the open sun I can see it out doing the others???? Hmmm


    Here is the same strain in pots. Both were LST'd.

    In this grow the plant that had nothing done to it will be the largest. The plant on the right was only topped two time and will be the 2nd largest. The Lst's plants are smaller with less shoots (I think) Also it hard to say for sure for the crowding problem. If only I would have planted these 2 foot wider apart. The big plant by the fence gets 1 hour less sunlight.

    I am still do not know which way I will go next year. Lots of factors to look at.
  15. Nice show 5150

    Which plant is from clone but which from seeds ?
    Like you know we can't comparing poted plants and plants in the ground cause root system who is responsible for plants health,yield,non topped branching and size in all.

    Let me try to find pictures who are good for this thread ... will post later.
  16. All of the plants were from clone.
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    Im sorry but I dont have lst plants cause obvious reason of ridiculous yield.
    Yes I ask you about clones cause seed plant can't be with that plant body what you showing.For body like that plants from seeds must be topped.

    This plants are from seeds, some topped some not.

    God Bud x g star (Bud Depot & Motarebel)
    topped twice to till mid of June

    BlueChem topped twice to till mid of June (Marshall Seeds)


    Topped BlueChem (Marshall sSeeds )

    Non topped Amnesia G13 (Marshall Seeds)

    Im so sorry cause I didnt topped Amnesia G13 too, I have one topped Amnesia G13 and she now pushing 4 stems over 2,5m tall/8ft.

    So many branches/yiled what is on the topped BlueChem picture, cant beat none technic of cultivation, if Im wrong I would like to see that picture here - especialy of LST ;)

    Well, sometime when space allows me that I open big bush with ropes but that is not LST because LST starting with young plant and finish like tied plant.

    I have luck cause genetics,so can made big bushes like this but some strains really do not like topping.

    None of us didnt show real LSt method and Im SURE we will not see that method here cause it will be very hilarious after all this pictures.

    Hat down cause by LST can be hiden plant what is not case with non topping or topping if you have good clima.
  18. The middle plant in the above pics was a true lst grow. Would care to see the stalk? Great looking plants friend.

  19. If you have time post some pix about your way of lst .. why not :) thx your looks good too !
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    This is the middle plant in the above pics. When I lst this plant I used a roll of chicken wire laid on its side with a hole in the middle. When the plant grew I just keep moving the top up the cage. when it got to the end of the cage I just let it go from there. I used the way for all I had was some old chicken wire. It worked the same as tieing them down with string. But I did not have to deal with a bunch of string. Plus I got 3 dogs so I hade to protect them from getting ran over. A bunch of strings tied to the ground would have not worked with my dogs.
    These are the plant that are in the blue pots in the above pics. The clone was topped two times when small to grow 4 main shoots. At about 15 inches tall I tied the over. About two weeks after that I tied them over again. about 30 days after the 2nd tie down I cut the ties and just let them go. If you look close on the one plant you can see the angle it is grwoing out of the pot.
    Looks like I missed one of the tie downs. Again all I had was some ribbon left ove from x-mass :)
    The is the big plant on the right in the pics above. It was topped two times and let alone to grow as fit.

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