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How much does an Oz of Reggie cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Sikh, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I live in Texas, All the way south and i know you might not be able to give me a precise number, but how much does an ounce of normal weed cost?

    Thank you
  2. An o of Reggie is about 45 in Houston. Sometimes its 50 but that's usually for really good mids
  3. At those prices that's gotta be some hardcore shwag! :eek:
  4. this^ an o is so much for just 50
  5. $50 an ounce in a state where you get fucked for smoking, lolwut?
  6. Man, I knew a guy that did 30-35 a zone for some gooood ass reggie. And one time I got a qp for 120. Reg prices flux up and down in Texas man, just gotta know someone, just like the rest of life ;)
  7. Ya for me an o will be 40 to 60 and a qp will be 120 to 150.

    But I only play with dank these days.
  8. That's cheaper than any kind of regs you can get here, and I live Canada..
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    Ya but they're in texas, they're "regs" are our schwag. Mexican bricks.
  10. i know a guy in texas that can get me a pound of mexican shit weed for 200 a pound. too bad i live in philly and dont feel like driving over a day to pick it up
  11. $25-$50. Fuck that shit though.
  12. Why would you even want Mexican shit weed? I'd rather get an eighth or quarter of dank than an o of Mexican shit
  13. I know this thread is dead and what not, but just for the record..... her in florida when i or one of my friends refers to "reggie" we are referring to lightly seeded, still green, over dry cannabis. Merely a step above schwag that isn't as frosty as some high mids
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    Cheapest I've gotten an oz is for 75$ but that buying quantity. Normally run 120-130 oz. This is in Tenn.
    But it's decent mids light green few seeds tastes good. None of that mystery dark green shit god knows what it was cut with to make it heavier
  15. I get an O of some damn good mids(light green full of red strands, yet a bit seedy) for 75 in Dallas. Houston has some badass connects so I'd assume Reggie is cheap down that way?
  16. yes it is true you can get an Oz for 50$ down here… & All of you people that arent fron Texas dont know shit… yall just watch tv shows, movies and news about
    border wars/control if you aint from here you cant say shit!!!

    i live in the south side of Houston Texas … And i dont get Mexican brown brick dirt weed … & if i see it i pass it up... my regs are fluffy
    always and are never brown.

    i can get good regg/mids!

    i dont smoke headache!

    my regs are smooth!

    people like to label weed and
    try to make it look cool and fancy what ever happen to just smokin a j or 2 and gettin high! -_-

  17. Daaam $50 is so cheap, as in mids are we talking twiggy seedy organic outdoor grown weed?

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