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How much does an 8th look like

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by moelesting, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. how much does an eighth of like shake look like

    i cant seem to find a good picture online
  2. Maybe a scale perhaps?
  3. i dont own a scale that tells grams
  4. Looks like 3 and a half grams.
  5. hey cool guy, i asked what it looked like because i COULDNT find a good picture off google.
  6. Looks not quite like 4 grams but not 3 either.

  7. If you clicked his link, you would realize the first pic under google images is an 8th...
  8. What does Google look like? Apparently you don't know that either...
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    My bad for the huge post but imagine a zip-lock back if your to trying visualize how much a certain amount of bud is to not get ripped off
    eighth meaning exactly what it says an eighth of the zip (3.5 grams)
    quad meaning exactly what it says a 1/4 of the zip (7 grams)
    because an ounce is the whole zip 28 grams
  10. Holy leaves...
  11. Batman!................
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  13. There is an eighth in that picture. Although it isn't the best pic quality you get the general idea.

  14. Marijuana 101, get a scale that reads grams.
  15. lol just a picture off google not my bud my point was to show him how it looked in a zip
  16. for fuck sakes, you guys are all stoners and this is how helpful you are? if he owned a scale he wouldn't need to know what an eighth looked like, would he?

    anyway OP i'm sorry i don't have a pic, but take a standard sized ziplock bag and just the bottom should be filled up with a row on normal sized nugs but if they're big nugs you might just get like 3 or 4 of them.
  17. pretty much exactly what i explained but with a pic so I dont think you were any more helpful?
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    yeah well no offense but those are pretty small nugs and pretty leafy so it's not really the best reference in my opinion. more information never hurt anybody.

    also it turns i do have this pic, it's either an eighth or it might be like between 3 and 3.5 grams but either way it's a good reference. it's in a bag that's the same size as the regular ziploc bag so you get an idea of the size


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