how much does a typical plant yield (DANk)

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  1. hey blades, my boy has a beautiful white widow plant that is almost about to start budding. Got into a little argument with my brother about hoow much kush it will probably yield. I say 6 or 7 ounces at the most. Apparently it is very common to have a plant yield over a pound, and up to 6 pounds?!?!?!!?:hello:
    question is what is the typical yield for a proper grow?
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    There is no specific answer for this. If indoor growing though, you would be lucky to get 6 ounces, unless doing a SCROG or some other serious training techniques, and using some serious light.
  3. A widow plant won't yield any Kush, lol. It will yield widow. The amount depends on veg time, container size, lighting, nutrients. Indoors more plants produce between 1-4 ounces. More than that and you are doing well IMO. Outdoor plants can yield anything from a few ounces to 10 lbs. It all depends on conditions and genetics too. I hole your friend gets a nice yield that makes you both happy.
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    That is crazy I grew 6 ww and none of mine turned into kush. Lol.
  5. 1+lb is pretty much outdoors territory. 6 lbs not the norm even outdoors.

    Most folks are happy with 2-4 zips per plant indoors.

    So how big is your buddies plant? AKA what system, how many gallon of soil, etc if you want a real yield estimate
  6. All depends on how good you can grow and nurture a plant, many factors result in a loss of yield.

  7. LOL. sorry, i just use the term for kush for weed...
  8. Inside plants I average about 4-5 oz per plant. Just hit a personal record of 228.1 grams out of a dwc diesel plant. Many variables my friend!
  9. Depends a lot on experience.

    My 1st grow, I had 2 plants yield me 1oz, my 2nd grow I had 1 plant yield 2oz.
  10. 100w of cfl 1 month veg no training techniques your prob gunna get 8-15 g
  11. Referring to all weed as 'kush' is like referring to all food as 'pizza' or all trees as 'pine'. Kush is a specific strain of weed, referring to all weed as kush does not make any sense and will cause confusion.
  12. I didn't even want to go there with it. I figured he would have no Idea anyways. It like damn i got some outdoor dro lol.

  13. out of curiosity how long did you veg to get that 228 grams? Also, how long is your usual veg for 4-5 oz?
  14. With my soil plants the veg can vary usually 8-12 weeks. With the dwc I followed the nute schedule to the T and only vegged 6 weeks. Which has absolutely blown my mind and seriously rethinking my setup. Could stick 6 dwc plants under my 2k's and still double my yield.. Shit. I run 8 soil plants in flower at a time in 5 gallon smart pots.
  15. At what point do you think there's diminishing returns when running the 1000W light. What I mean is you said 6DWC under 2 - 1000W lights? Can't you fit a lot more than that? Or does that not really matter? I understand less is more sometimes, but where do you think that balance is?

    I'm curious because I'm starting my 2nd grow, and using DWC system that I made myself. I'm doing 2 - 18 gallon totes with 5 plants in each under a 1000W light. Also will be upgrading my hood to an XXXL hood to help get more light out. Actually have me worried that's too many plants now though. I only plan on vegging about 3-4 weeks for this run though, so that should factor in as well. Do you think 10 plants DWC would work fine under a 1000W light with an XXXL hood?
  16. I have 2 1000w dual arc bulbs housed in xxl hoods! Lol all in a 4X8 tent. Like I said I max out about 8 5 gallons pots, and the dwc I just ran was huge, took up a 1/4 of the 4X8 herself! I personally don't like the idea of multiple plants in a single Rez simply because I go for bigger plants. So tbh I couldn't tell ya, never used em. Always used 5 gallon bucket with airstone and netpot lid. Aslong as your Gettin good coverage and plants aren't crowding, you'll be good. Just keep stretch in mind when you decide on a flip time
  17. Ive got a half lb from one plant..scrogged and vegged for 6 weeks though
  18. That your best yield? Were you just fuckin estatic when you got the final weight? I sure the fuck was! Lol
  19. This is the exact reason I stopped buying weed from random people.
    They call everything kush, loud or purp with a little tint of color in it.
    Your yield is based on Plant size,Genetics and your Growing Environment(soil,light,water,nutes,co2).
  20. Yea that was my best for one plant under a 400w in 2x3 was awesome though had round 50 tops that only got like 18" tall..5 gallon hempy bucket..also fimmed 4 tops after topping it

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