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How much does a quarter of this bud cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Viraemia, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Alright so my dealer is probably the only person in town who actually sells dank bud, and he really takes advantage of it. He overprices his shit like crazy, and there's nothing we can do about it. anyways, I'm trying to buy a quarter of this bud that costs 25 a G ( I know that that is very expensive, but I can't change the price). He's trying to sell it to me like 160 for the quarter, which I keep telling him is a rip off, which is pissing him of, of course. I just want someone to confirm, is this a ripoff, or not?
  2. Pretty much. I get the dankest I can get for 100/quarter, and thats still kinda on the expensive side IMO.

    When I visit my friend in Cali I can get whatever I want for dispensery price :D
  3. Yes, i'd never pay more then 140 for a quarter and it would have to be dank dank weed to cost 140 a quarter.
  4. Oh, and he's probably making a killer profit off of this... you do realize that's like 650 an ounce, right?

    He prolly buys it for like 400 an ounce.

    I would just stick to smoking mids or something man, honestly.
  5. anything over $120 for a quad is a ripoff even in bad markets (AZ here)
  6. never pay over 120 for a quo, or 20 a g. shits already inflated enoough for a plant, dont need douches like ur dealer around.
  7. seriously.
  8. Damn man your getting ripped..dank here is like $50/quarter....then again I'm in Canada.

    I'd just smoke mids if I were you..
  9. If you can afford it and you want to smoke dank ass weed buy it. I would if that was my only option for dank.
  10. Damn dude I'd start growing if that was the norm for your area.
  11. Im spending anywhere from 85 to 95 a quarter depending on what it is, fyi 160-175 would be a decent price for a half o not a quarter.
  12. Thats bad even for the South 120 and your getting verify strain here. I have paid 130 but it was in the top 3 of buds i have smoked. Their are other people selling dank you just need to find them.
  13. fuck man dont get that, i pay 160 a half o at the most, not bragging...just the prices around my area
  14. Holy shiiiiiiit $25 for a GRAM?!

    Where I live $15 gets you GREAT weed. $25 here would be unheard of. I would never pay that...
  15. On the occasion that i'm in between harvests and actually need to buy enough to sustain my habit, I would pay around 200/o, maybe a little less...I actually just bought an ounce of this headband for a bit more but it's worth it I'd say :wave:


  16. grow!
  17. dam...i can get a q of mids here for like 40 bucks...
  18. down hur in texas ud get your ass kicked for tryin to sell a quarter for that much lmao
    dont put up with that shit unless you really really want to....
    if there was another option, id say take it
    for $160 you could probably get 3 or 4 times more (lower quality) bud.
  19. Believe me he's not the only one town, you'll find someone eventually just get your connects up.

    In the meantime grow if thats an option or just pay till u find that connect.

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