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How much does a pound cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by silky--, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Hey guys,
    My dealer isn't picking up, so I thought I might ask you guys: If I was going to buy one pound of weed in vancouver, how much would it cost?
    I can get an ounce for around 180$... a gram is 10$.
    I am going to tell the dealer that I am going to sell it :) How much do you think someone who sells ounces for 180 will get me a pound for?
  2. I would change your post so it doesn't talk about dealing. I honestly have no idea how much a pound costs, as I can't imagine owning that much unless I started growing.
  3. He was being sarcastic, i know what he means.. Like usually when someones buying for selling they get it farely cheap, but for personal use it seems to be more $.

  4. Yeah exactly, me and a bunch of my buddies are all pitching in and gonna have a huuge smoke-fest, so we're trying to get a pound of decent weed on the minimum!
  5. Lb's are ussualy between $3000 for the best stuff and $1500 for schwag, mabye even less.
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    No, I mean a gram is 10$. An ounce is 180$, therefore 100$ discount. A pound is 16 ounces , 180 an ounce, so 2880$ if I buy it all at the price I get ounces for. How much discount does a pound give?
  7. depends on your dealer sir.
  8. It varies from seller to seller. individual people set prices based on supply and demand, not some sort of universal price setting mechanism.
  9. I'm thinking a qp is like 700... idk
  10. A QP of dank shit is $800 ussualy in bellingham, three hours from here, 30 minutes from canada. Here in central wa where that shits hard to find a QP can go for $1000, cause people are dicks and charge $275-$300 an ounce.
  11. Now, forgive me for my lack of knowledge (this is the apprentice toker section), but something doesn't seem right about telling your dealer that you're buying just to sell it.. Maybe it's just because I live in a ghetto ass town on the border where every dealer I've met in my travels has been a big-ass vato that owns at least one gun. I don't know.
  12. I live in a quiet little valley, where everyone has too much drama to care about what anyone does with their weed...

    Think of it like this: me smoking it, is just better for the dealer than me taking his customers, isn't it?
  13. About 2200-2400 in vancouver i think

    3700 where im at it sux
  14. If you buy a pound...You dealer will already know you are gonna sling it
  15. omg, why would you buy a pound? that is a felony amount of narcotics man and what are you going to do with all of it?
  16. Probably 2 grand flat. I'm getting oz's for 140 and a P is running 1600.
  17. i get a pound where i live for around 800 dollars of some light green fluff that is pretty skunky.. sometimes 9 though. its not super dank but i mean.. you smoke a regular size bowl and get high. i would guess your dude would let you have a pound for 2500 but there is no tellin for sure
  18. How much do you think a kilo would cost? And also, where could I get it? I don't think any of my friends have the hookups to get me a huge brick. Would I have to find a grower or do lowly street dealers carry around that much?

    Oh, this is a serious question. I'm going on a really long road trip this summer. A solid steel airtight box inside another one with the bag wrapped in duct tape inside can get through american borders rite?
  19. I'm pretty sure a kilo is like 5000$...
  20. Depends on the grade you cant really get an accurate answer.....from $500-$5000

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