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How much does a gram of concentrate cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by obama mama, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. I wanna make some eliquid and i was wondering how much a gram would cost me in north carolina.

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  2. $40-$60
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  3. Depends how prevalent it is around you...In most non'legal states, you are looking anywhere from $60-$80 a gram...I have paid 80 a gram only once and it was just because it was an extract company from CA I had always wanted to try so I just said fuck it and paid it. IMO $60 is the most you should pay though
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  4. Damn... $20 more and that's a half oz of flower... hope it was worth it.
  5. Yeah around me an O of flower goes for around $300, have a couple connects I can get around 2 but they are super spotty. And yeah, it was more of a special occasion thing so I didn't mind spending the extra $20 since I am used to paying $60 a g concentrates
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  6. Anywhere from $60-$100 I've seen, I don't smoke concretes tho.

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  7. Damn you guys pay a lot for smoke. It can be had here for anywhere from 100 to 200 an oz. Even the dispensary(s) have several strains usually at right around 4 bucks a gram. I mean they have stuff for 24 too, but can deff find good but for cheap.

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