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How much does a dime of Kush cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by White Smoke, May 29, 2009.

  1. Title says all. I live in F.L. If that helps
  2. A dime is 3.5 grams in weight, and would probably go $50-60.

    Some people also use dime to denote a $10 sack, which would probably be half a gram, or about 2 bowls.
  3. from here, A dime is a 10 sack and is about 1.5g-1.7g.
  4. I consider 1 gram a dime. I'd say you're looking at $20 per gram of Kush.
  5. yea thats how much my friend told me it was ty
  6. Where I live it refers to a ten dollar quantity. I would say go out and ask your dealer how much it would cost, not the forums.
  7. A dime of kush cost 10 bucks. You will get less then .7grams fo sho.
  8. *facepalm* A dime=$10 worth...hence the name "dime."
  9. its slang. it means different things everywhere asshat. he is talking about an 1/8 which costs me 50. 45 if i smoke a blunt with my guy.
  10. Okay, chill out bro. Maybe up your way they call eighths "dimes" but the term "dime" is pretty much widespread as a term for a ten dollar bag. Thats where the term "dime" originally came from.

    To the thread starter, If you are talking about an 1/8th, it shouldn't cost you any more than 50 if its a legit hookup.
  11. well a dime is usually 10 bucks of weed but i would have to say its goona be $20 for a gram or so of kush
  12. a dime means 10 here to, but i dont live in Florida. and i dont know the drug terms in Florida, and neither do you.
  13. I say if you're grabbing Kush go quantity. Grab an 1/8th, I've gotten Kush for $40 an eighth. That's me, just because I never grab in dimes...
    Really, depends on your exact area, who-knows-who (connections), the person selling it, etc...
  14. a dime of anything is $10.00 no?
  15. a dime is 10, ive never heard it being known as anything else
  16. And the controversy continues. There was a thread recently about this whole ordeal, and no one could agree upon what a dime was. It's slang and can mean a gram, 10 sack, eighth, you name it. But if you're referring to a gram, i'd say average price for some dank would be $20.
  17. In that case a "dime" where you come from should denote a 1/10th of a ounce not a eight

    No one calls eighths dimes.

    And a dime is really a 10 sac, and for that youll get like half a gram

  18. A dime is not a measurement of weight. A dime means 10 dollars worth of weed. Usually a gram but it depends on how dank that shit is. 3.5 grams is an EIGHTH not a dime. Around here (buffalo NY) kush goes for about 20 a gram so you would get like .5-.7g.
  19. no its not lol. that is called an eighth, unless u live in Britain
  20. I'd pay up to $60 here butI used to live in Orlando and the prices down there always seemed to be a little bit better so if you're planing on picking up your run-of-the-mill purple kush, you could most likely get by with $50-$55. Good luck man and I hope you get your dank. Happy tokin'.

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