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How much does a cheap scale cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njhippie, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I'm very broke but I need a scale to be sure I'm not getting ripped off. Preferably I want something very small (easy to hide) and very cheap. How much would a cheap small one cost on average?
  2. if i were you i would search up ebay they always have stuff for .01

    but lately ive been looking for a keychain scale it would prolly b pretty easy to conceal.

    my friend has a nice scale he bught for $35 it measures within .01 grams or something like that

    i was just searching around and i found a pretty nice one for 25
  3. ebay 15 shipped.. good quality
  4. I found one at a gas station for $20.00 its a .01 scale
  5. um, go to a headshop, or a convenience store..i see many stores which dab in a bit of everything selling scales..starting at about 30
  6. The simplest scale you can get is a $4 letter scale:


    They're simple, and effective for small amounts (up to 3.5 ounces). They're sold at quite a few convenience stores and post offices. Remember, it's a "letter scale" ;).
  7. gonna depend on the amounts you are dealing with. a man i know well and trust told me once that the only scale you can go by for large weight (say over a couple ounces or so) is a calibrated triple beam. a good one will cost you about a hundred bucks out of a magazine and is well worth it it you are going to be entering the business of favors.

    however, a small personal digi is a great investment. ebay buy it now offers are probably your best bet. you can always email the seller if you dont have an ebay account and set something up outside of ebay. for the most part, the people are wholesaling the bitches and they just want to get rid of the things.

    fifteen or twenty bones should get a decent and reliable digital scale shipped to your door. a little bit more will get you a scale of greater quality. they do wear out if they are used often and you will probably want one with batteries and not watch units as they can be a bitch to find and size

    good luck.
  8. $15 digital scales spotted at head shop (Big Al's :)) in berkley, ca.
  9. Around my area.
    Cheapest is either the pocket scales or some $25.00 digital ones.
  10. oh and the .01 scales do work well but only for incredibly stable conditions. being on the top floor of a poorly constructed apartment or house will probably get you swinging to give it a plus or minus of a .01 tick or so. in the end, you are talking about a miniscule amount of trees, but i suppose it is piece of mind. it cant hurt, right?
  11. Walmart probably has some cheap ones that measure to the .1.
  12. If you can't get one online (which I suggest), just google the nearest headshops and call them. That's what I did, and I found a scale for $19 that works perfectly.
  13. Goto and buy the only scale they have available, it's $20, no shipping, just 20 flat. Use coupon code FUTURE for 5% off. There is anoter code called ARENA, I think it's even cheaper but I forget how
    Much tho.

    I bought it, very nice, probably
    Like 3 inch in diameter
  14. Walmart has some for under 20 bucks.
  15. (two year old thread)

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