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How much does a bag weigh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BezerkBlizzy, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. tomorrow i'm buying a half O and i was just wondering if anyone knows offhand how much a full size ziplock bag weighs? or how much a sandwich size ziplock bag weighs....thanks for the help:smoke:
  2. i would presume, your trying to scale the herb in the bag? hmm, if so i don't recommend this, as diff plastic bags probably weigh different and it will off balance the true amount of your bud. if you cant weigh the buds by themselves, then expect the weight to be no less than 15g, as opposed to 14g, so bag should be 1g more or less, some might weigh more.

  3. o thanks for the tips...
  4. A friend actually weighed a bag for me a couple days ago and it came out to 1.7 grams i think.

    what a coinkydink
  5. honestly man just buy a scale, or just ask your guy to weigh it in front of you. if he says somethin like i dont have a scale or whatever then you shouldent be buyin from him anyway!! if they act all sketchy about weighing it then they are trying to short you, simple as that.
  6. normally i would do that, but i'm not meeting him at his house like usuall, so idk if he carries a scale in his car...i think i'll jus ask a friend to lend me one for the pick up
  7. Your reg ziplock sandwhich baggy is usually 2.2 grams.

    Your regular fold up no ziplock baggy is usually 1.0 grams on the dot.
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  8. usually the cheap baggies that are not ziplock that you lick stay about a .5 added to weight of the green
  9. Ziplock brand baggies weigh between 1.4g and 1.6g and the cheap-o fold-over kind weigh between 0.5 and 0.6.

    Why not just weigh it withouth the baggy though?
  10. cus most likely we're gonna be in a parking lot and i dont wanna take it all if its in a ziplock i'm not taking anything less than 15.5 g's on the scale
  11. Oh way dude. Just remember if its in a cheap bag its only half a gram. How much do you pay for that? Over here its $150

  12. This man speaks the truth!
  13. that's what's up.
  14. #14 BezerkBlizzy, Feb 20, 2009
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    Got it for $120...dude is my boy, usually sells half's for $150-$170 but we're pretty tight so he gives me discounts...

    He would sell me an O for $240, if i had the money i would totally do it, but its just not in the budget right now lol

    About the pickup...he had a scale on him and it weighed out to 16.3 g's...Idk why i second guessed him anyway, but you never know...
  15. 2.5grams the half should be about 16 to 17 grams with the bag on the scale.
  16. Just the normal standard size sandwhich bag (for me i get my stuff in these no matter who it is) weighs .8g - 1g
  17. What about the foodsaver bags
  18. You guys are hurtin, I get ounces of fire here for $150-180
  19. lol actually just weighed one with weed and without last night to make sure i didn't spill any out(weighing a bag out in the dark in a hospital parking lot) a 1 quart bag weighs exactly 6.5.. if i had any smaller bags in my cupboard i'd weigh one out for ya
  20. The thread is 6 years old and it's about the weight of the baggie Not the price.
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