How much does $20 get you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Popus Juice, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Just got hooked up a fat sack of some herb for 20 bucks! I Brought it home and it weighed out a little over 7 grams of mids. Needless to say i'm pretty happy about that deal. I live in Utah and usually $20 would get me a gram of some chronic. This made me curious is to how much does $20 get you were you guys live?

  2. if its 20 a gram 1 gram. if its 10 a gram 1.8 grams
  3. $20 gets me a gram and a bj
  4. Like 2 grams of the dankest california nug.
  5. Well I got a hook up for an eight of unmentionables.. $25

    Or a half gram of wax.. $15

    Or a gram of DANK.. $20

    Or gas $40... Wait.. Whaa?
  6. $20 on charlie sheens level whats a 20 sac really going to do
  7. That weed looks shit.
  8. 20 dollars gets me 2 grams of home grown kush (indoor).
  9. Hmm, maybe that's because he got 7g's for $20? :rolleyes:
  10. Gets me whatever the fuck I want.

    A gram
  11. Anywhere between 2-2.5gs of dank
  12. Not much like a gram since I only buy dank.
  13. a gram of indoor dank
  14. What's with all the people saying indoor or kush that doesn't mean anything
  15. Good shit dude! $20 for me is a gram of dank or about an 8th of mids like you got. It's either a little better than that or a little worse. But still great deal dude!
  16. shit looks cool man id burn that with
  17. a hand job and a birthday card
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    G of some decent hash

    2g of some nugget (dank but not top shelf stuff)

    or a fat 1/8 of mids which is usually around 4.5g

    EDIT this is in pa. Also top shelf is 15 a g but I'll usually grab a 1/8 for 40-45
  19. Anywhere from 1g of top shelf medical dank to 4.5g of low grade dank
  20. 1 ML of bho ( near a gram but oil is usually sold by volume not weight ) or 2.5 grams of indoor dank or 3 grams of outdoor dank or a gram of good hash

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