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How much does 1 Gram of OG Kush Cost?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BigSark, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. I live in Michigan. How much does 1 gram cost here? how bout 1/8th?
  2. in minnesota a 8th is 60 idk about whare you live
  3. in texas its 20-25
  4. 1g - OG - $15-$20.

    1/8 - OG - $55.

    Was prices for OG, in MI...for me.
  5. Dude don't pay more than $20.
  6. this^
  7. Don't pay more than $10....

  8. Not everyone has good connections.
  9. 1g = 15-25 ~ 20 is standard, if they charge any more they are fucking you, less they are cutting you a deal
    8th = 50-60 ~ again, 55 is standard, 60 they are fucking you, 50 they are cutting you a deal
  10. I dont have any connections lmao. Anyone from here would tell you that.
  11. 10 bucks in canada lol

  12. Not everyone lives in California bro. I'm kinda tired of hearing you guys brag about how good your prices are. We get it, your state's cooler than ours. It still doesn't help anyone figure out what they SHOULD be paying.
  13. #14 Flight96, Jan 4, 2011
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    Someone hasn't smoked tonight lol. And i'm just saying there's better deals out there in the world. Chill out Oscar the grouch.

    EDIT: I'm flattered you think my budget crisis state is so fucking awesome. cuz i think so too.:rolleyes:

  14. Thought you might take my tone as grouchy.. really it's just seething with jealousy. And you're damn right I haven't smoked tonight I've been on probation for possession of a grand total of .75 grams of marijuana. Haha so you're really hitting close to home. Wasn't attacking you, that's kinda what I hate about typing- no inflection.

    And I almost made a comment about the budget crisis but I figured it wasn't pertinent. But honestly you're still paying taxes and beyond that you probably don't feel the budget crisis as much as your politicians do. I love longboarding, and I love weed, so you better believe I think you live in a cool state ;)

    No hard feelings
  15. None taken brother:wave:
  16. $20 a g and 55-60 an 1/8th

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