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how much do YOU yield per plant? *DRY WEIGHT*

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by DemiseInDisguise, Dec 2, 2009.

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    well i've been really interested in growing lately, hopefully lookin to start my own grow sometime in January. I'm just lookin to see how much some other growers manage to yield at their harvest per plant.

    just post your type of set up and wattage and what you're growin.


    PS I also mean DRY WEIGHT, not wet weight.
  2. I can usually pull about 3 Os from a good size plant. I run a 600 Hps in a tent with carbon filters and use the full line up of Fox Farm nutes and micro nutes.
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    Errr WTF dude, is this Poll for Indoor growers only or something?

    It should go from one OZ, for the Indoor Ruderalis Mix growers, all the way upto Pound+ for the Outdoor growers.

    EDIT: K, read you post again and realised you mentioned Wattage, so indoor grows.
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    Hi Risky, I like the new festive avatar lol. :wave:

    There are so many different things that determine how much you will yield when growing indoors. Wattage, Type of light, Color temp, Ventilation, Temperature, PH, PPM, Type of Nutes etc.. Also depends on what strains you are growing.. I grow a few different ones and get different yields off of all. I can say recently got 3oz off of an Easy Ryder (AK47 x Lowryder2) it's an Auto dwarf strain and 5 1/2 oz off of a Blue Widow mother I flowered. I vegged the Blue Widow for 30 days and the dwarf was 12/12 from seed.. It's an auto, so it vegges for 3 weeks and then flowers.

    Also recently harvested a Blue Widow clone, it's almost dry, will weigh it in about 5 more days.. I'm using a 400w hps. How long you veg really is the main player in how much you will end up with. As soon as my current plants are through I'm doing a 40 or 50 day veg of 8 clones from two strains. I expect to get a pretty good harvest. I'm also upgrading to a 100,000 lumen light.

    Take care, and good luck with your grow!!
  5. i've yielded anywhere from 1 oz to 6 oz off of 1 plant of the same strain. under 1000w in soil. All depends on how long you veg dude.
  6. What's the range per foot of plant for a high yielding strain? Middle yielding? Small yielding?
  7. i am also planning on doing an indoor grow. my grow room is 4.5'x7'x7'.insulated, radiant berrior osb walls(silver side showing), 2-600 watt hps, 12 plant hydro, 4 inch fan pulling air out and an ac at 70 degrees. planning on getting clones from a respectable grower.

    what can i expect to yield per plant?
    what is the best hieght to start flower(from top of soil)?

    any advice on what i can do to improve my room would be greatly appreciated.
  8. lb1/2 at least. (outdoor)
  9. Yield amounts depend on way too much, the biggest one being the size of the plant and the amount of time you veg her for, and how many lumens you are running. I recently vegged an indica (Mr. Nice) for like 2.5 months under a HO T5, and flowered for around the same time under a 400w HPS. She was a beast! I got 7 ounces of great stuff, and that is after tossing the biggest top cola when I found mold it! (managed to save the rest of the plant)
  10. I average 10+ ounces per plant with my 1kw light, and growing in bubble buckets. Its easy to do with a 1kw light and hydroponics. I dont know why anyone would use soil to grow indoors.
  11. Just got 425g off of three bc plants, vegged anout 5 weeks and flowered 10 weeks solid. Coco in 7 gallon pots. Started w a 400 w and upgraded to an dim able 1000w ballast for last 3.5 weeks adjusting from 400 to 600 to 1000 over about a week then left em in compleye blackness between 3-7 days - def RECCOMEND

  12. I run a 600w in a 4x4 tent , Last grow I got around 13-14 ounces total from 3 plants. I let em grow nice n big and fill out a scrog. I use coco in 5 gallon smart pots.

  13. Thats how I do it too, and got 10 usable ounces off my last grow. I lost a bunch to mold, so including the tossed bud, I prob yielded 14 Zs. I use clay pellets though, not coco.
  14. 12x10 w/ 2 600 hps and a 400 mh rdwc system with H&G nutes. Average is 4-8 oz a plant with LST super cropping and sometimes fimming.

    Id like to say weight is highly dependent on strain and next environment. Nutes dont make good yields. Strain and environment does though. Small fast growing indicas seem to yield less as they have less time to flower...or think they do. Hybrids that have that sativa vigor and flower a little longer seem to really fill in nicely. I have gotten 8 oz of a plant at the most and it was a bc purps strain but my grow is very limited in height and plants cant go over 4.5 ft. Man I wish I could do outdoors and have a hydroponic greenhouse omg I would be killing it!!
  15. Who on earth would weigh up the plant wet?
  16. lmao too funny I guess its us newbies - curiosity more than anything.... Not that I weighed the whole friggin harvest but a couple of the biggest buds for the sole purpose of knowing first hand what percentage was lost once dried for future referene. But yeah agreed whats the point of weighing it all before its ready??? idk

  17. Wait I know who will weigh it wet. Fucking LEO. Wet, leaves, stem, babies, every freaking piece of plant matter, and then charge you for it like its all bud. Jerks!
  18. My last crop I yielded 9 oz of a 400 watt hps DWC hydro

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  19. I have 4x dwc 5gal buckets under 1000watts in a 7.5x7.5x7.5 tent and I usaully get 2oz per plant and sometimes I get 3oz depends on the strain, if your using co2, if your feeding it enough and keeping temps normal with the nugs getting light.

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