how much do you weigh?

Discussion in 'General' started by doindia, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. ive always wondered, with the smoking and munchies and all if the marijuana community was heavier than normal. i myself am a big boy but since ive smoked marijuana ive lost a lot of weight, used to be 380 now, 325 and still going, i try not to eat my buzz away. and thats how ive done it so far...

    so.. how much do YOU weigh?
  2. 1001 pounds here, what do i do?!

  3. smoke a blunt
  4. I weigh 224, i've been working out alot this summer, i got alotta mass really quickly.
  5. 112. 19 y/o male.
  6. I just checked. Still holding at 125, which is atypical for me. Normally I'm 135-140.

  7. 150 before I came to college, now It's almost 158 or so haha college life for ya ;)
  8. im 6'4" and 180
  9. with weed you loose weight not gain (for most peeps)...just like ciggs.
  10. I'm 6'3" and 150 lbs. I'm a fucking stick figure.
  11. 6'1 150lbs

    while some people have to work their asses off to lose weight, i've got the opposite problem. its a full time job just maintaining. my weight can jump 4-5pounds every day...then again thats probably water weight
  12. 165, i've got a little beer belly forming :rolleyes:
  13. 154 Pounds, no fat, 5'10" 18 Year Old Male.

    Thas whats up, ladies I'm single ;) :p haha
  14. im 5' 2", 650lbs, about a cheeto away from a heart attack you dig
  15. 6'1 280lbs, heh, there's alot of small ass people on here.
  16. I weigh 270 but im 6'3.

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