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How much do you usually smoke in one good solo sesh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vdubstoner, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. For me i usually will smoke around half a gram when im by myself at night. How much do u usually smoke in one solo sesh?
  2. Anywhere from like 0.2 gs to like 2 gs, depending on my supply and how high I want to get
  3. Usually a bowl and I'm good. Not too much, don like to blaze alot before b3d
  4. Depends on what kind of bud I have, here lately my dude has only been getting mids so ill usually smoke a joint or a couple bowls before dinner and I always smoke a blunt before bed if its mids, but dank ill smoke no more than a bowl or two
  5. I'll usually roll a joint with like .6-1g of dank if I'm by myself
  6. 1-2 grams usually 1 though
  7. Depends on the quality of my weed but i usually average out at 2 bowls.
  8. I had some REALLY good buds recently and smoked 2 one hitters and was good. But sometimes ill smoke 3 or 4 one hitters solo, i can never get over how high i can get off so little weed with one hitters.
  9. Of shwag? Haha.
  10. .2g if I'm looking for a nice mellow high. .5-1g if I'm looking to get ripped.
  11. I'd say about .2 to get stoned. (I do hotknifes)
  12. 1 fat bowl, and then after that I just load snaps in my bong too keep my high flowin'.
  13. 3 or 4 hits. usually keeps me going for 2 hours.
  14. Anywhere from .2-.5+, depending on tolerance, bud supply, and how high I feel like getting.
  15. i usually just take two fat snaps.
  16. Anywhere from .1 - 2 grams +. It depends on my tolerance and how much bud I got. I'm currently dry so none tonight
  17. A hit or two if I just wanna get a quick buzz, a bowl if I want to get stoned.

    So like <0.1 to 0.3 grams.
  18. 2 bowls of dank, or a joint of high mids. IF I smoke solo.
  19. it depends how much i have and what i have to do that day. usually about .3 to.5 of some dank

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