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how much do you usually pack in your cones?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Skitzstonercunt, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. I usually pack them to the rim or over :bongin:
  2. i dont fucken know, u gotta learn to disrespect the weed and stuff as much as u can in that paper
  3. Seems kind of like a troll thread, but I'll bite.

    I never really "pack" pre-rolled cones now, as I can roll the same cones by hand with bud already included. But I guess if I were to "pack" a cone I would just fill it up to the rim if I was smoking it right away, or just below the rim if I was going somewhere just so I could twist the end off.

    If you're referring to "cones" as in cone-shaped bowls for bongs, then it that case I pack a reasonable hit in the bottom of the cone, and then snap it to myself in one go. If I was partying with friends, then the bowl would be packed to the brim ;)
  4. a gram goes into my cones.

  5. no intentions of "trolling" just bored as fuck and wonderin how much people put in their cones, and yea I'm referring to bongs hahah
  6. Two scoops. Unless it is one of those huge waffle cones like you get at the fair. Then I can fit three. Lactose intolerant though. :-(

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