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How much do you think this is?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kevovaries, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. I bought what is supposed to be 5-7g of A+ stuff for $100. I know that its extremely good, its insanely crystal filled in person. *bad picture* It's not big buds, its a bunch of tiny tiny pieces. Anyways, to give you guys and idea on how tall and wide it is, its in a cigarette wrapper. That should let you know how thick and tall it is.

  2. wow so i totally got ripped off?:(
  3. You have exactly 3 marijuanas
  4. oh
  5. holy shit dude no way I got some dank 8/10 2x the size of that for 60
  6. GET a scale for future purchase 
  7. do you think i totally got ripped off?
  8. like three grams, i'd say nothing near worth what you paid.... 
    sorry bro 
  9. I bought a scale for around 5 bucks amazon. :D
  10. 3-4 grams of shake. Yeah you got rooked.
  11. wow this sucks:(
  12. Even by expensive standards, for very good stuff, that's a pretty low count for 100 bucks.  It looks like about an eighth.  Well, maybe it's good weed so at least you got something, albeit overpriced.  
    Its not shake wtf are you talking?  OP those tiny buds look dense and should break out good.  If its good stuff you didn't get ripped.
  14. damn man...for $100- no no no.  First of all, don't buy bud thats pre-ground up or pre-broken up like that is.  And thats surely not 7 grams, and $100 for 7 grams is way too expensive anyways. 
  15. That's like 2-3 grams hahahahahahaha.
  16. that looks like 4 grams, on the really high side 5gs (because density ect...) either way 100 bucks for 4gs of weed that isn't even in nug form is a rip.
  17. Damn man, I can get 7 grams of hydro from my friend for like $35-$40.
  18. $100? That should get you a half zip at the least. You got probably less than a 4th of a half zip. Learn from this experience.

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