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How much do you think this is?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankerThanDank, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Please take note this isn't one of those did my dealer rip me off posts, I was just wondering

    Buds are dry but not to dry and a little fluffy lighter is mini bic

    Edit: pics didn't show give me a minute
  2. You didn't post a pic
  3. It keeps saying uploade of file failed
  4. Looks like about a gram.
  5. The pictures still not showing.
  6. if you want a easy way to upload a pic go to and do it that way and then just copy and past the code under the thing that says for message boards or forums

  7. ohhhhh i dont think so partner, it might be super dense but theres no way.
  8. Close to a pound?
  9. Eigth? Just guessing. Lol.
  10. It's obviously a qp
  11. great pics man, that camera really brings out the quality of your bud - those crystal clear pictures makes every single hair and trichrome visible! ;)
  12. It's funny cause you didn't post a picture
  13. looks a tad short :smoking:
  14. Way short man, way short.
  15. 0g I am correct
  16. You got ripped bro.
  17. It just keeps saying upload of file failed.... And no I didn't get ripped I grow

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