How much do you think this is worth?

Discussion in 'General' started by timmons, Apr 6, 2006.

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    I bought it for $900 but im trying to get an idea of how much i could sell it for. I know glass is extremely over priced when new but i just couldnt resist when i saw this piece. im thinking should be able to get at least $500 for it. Its 23 different pieces and i can only imagine how long it took to design/make, and the colors are amazing. its a true work of art ( its only been used 3-4 times for fear of it breaking.) ive been getting low-ballers saying theyd pay 200 for it but im not about to take a $700 hit. Thanks for your help. Matt
  2. Have you got any more pics? (jk lol)

    What makes it worth $900? Sorry, bit of a bubbler noob.
  3. a bong noob huh? last time i checked this was a bubbler.....take a look at the work on it. its a 23 piece bub which probably took hours and hours to make. labor is what makes it so expensive not material obviously. how bout a response from someone who actually knows what they are talking about

    EDIT: i mis-read your reply. sorry for coming off as a dick.
  4. prices range so much for glass its hard to judge i have seen stuff similar to it for 500 but im no glass expert so 900 oculd be ther right price but the resale value should be at least 500 if i would say. And by the way that shit it tiiiight i bet it rips so smoooth
  5. I dont know about the price, but that is an amazing bubbler:eek: +rep

    EDIT:What is with the cork, what is that piece? A place to put the water? Oh and I think you could prolly get around $500 for it.
  6. thanks cape...and sorry again 2packed i thought you were being a smartass

  7. Don't worry about it :smoke:
  8. I may be wrong but i have seen the cork pieces on pipes before and im pretty sure they are there to keep some dank nuggets in(nug jar). Im not sure if poepel even use them when they are on pieces but who knows.
  9. yah its just a nug jar thats attached to the piece. pretty cool idea if you ask me but ive never actually used it cause it can only hold 1/8-1/4 if you pack it full. bout some more estimates?
  10. yeah dude for sure you could get around $900, but you have to look for the right person. like me :) heh jk :(
  11. if i knew you id easily give you 4-5 houndred for it without hesitation.
  12. Dude, if had the money I would easily pay you 750 for that!!!!
  13. id say u could probaly squeeze 3-5 bills for it... i think you paid way tooo much for it( at max that shoulda been like 700... atleast thats tops i woulda paid for it, but hey, as long as ur happy with it) but anyways... yah... 300-500 sounds resonable.. gl on unloading that.
  14. Thats a sweet bubbley no doubt! But why would you pay 9 bills for it and then wanna sell it? Its like payin paying couple of hundred bucks to hit it a couple of times :confused:

    Well maybe you're just that rich, anyways sweet piece I bet that hits like a beauty.
  15. is that the interior to a GTO , nice bong ,and i agree thats a sweet peice but i cant tell you how much id think its worth cuz i only use cheap glass you know 45 and down thats until i get a job good luck sellin that
  16. HOLY SHIT, that thing is beautiful!!!! +rep man!!!
  17. well its still for sale....any serious buyers?

    Durban Poison?
  18. u really should just keep it in your house .. and not movie it and it be your in-house bong.. if not 700 u could get dont go below 550 .. u got ripped imo i wouldnt pay 900 for a pipe .. i rather buy 2 oz of fuckin skunk
  19. yah ive been thinking about keeping it but the only problem is that i still live with my parents:eek: so its either sell it or hold on to it till i move out (which i am kind of leaning towards). yah alot of people wouldnt pay 900 for a pipe but ive had my eyes on this piece for 6 months before i finally pulled the trigger. and as far as buying 2 ounces of skunk; that only lasts till you smoke it all. then what do you have? nothing. at least id still have a great pipe to show for it. ;)
  20. Hmmm... when valuing something I usually think about what i'd give for it...

    It's worth at least my right testicle... not the left though, he's special.

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