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How much do you think is smoking too much?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Greyson6ix, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. So as of now, I like to smoke once when I get home from school and then later that night when I go hangout with friends or before bed. I dont always do that but that's the idea as of now. Anyway, I don't necessarily like smoking that much because About 2-3 months ago, I would only smoke maybe 3 times a week. Anyways, how much do you think is smoking a lot or too much? Keep in mind, I only smoke like a bowl or a blunt almost everytime I smoke

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  2. When your lungs fall out your ass.
  3. Any more than what you are currently taking IMO. If a bowl is all you need. Then wouldn't 2 bowls classify as too much?

    If all you needed was one cheeseburger then I'd imagine getting 2 would be too much.

    Speaking from a standpoint of long term medical use. You would never take more pain medication than you needed right? No cause that is clearly abuse.
  4. I meant like how much is smoking too much in one day. I realize that if a bowl gets me really high then there is no point in smoking 2 everyday

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  5. IMO, it's a matter of balancing ability to function and requirement to function, with personal preference factored in. Each person has their own 'too much', and mine is if I have to apologize to someone who is not high for not being able to think or speak coherently because I'm too high. If my wife gives me a smirk when I ask if she wants another ice cream sandwich, not a big deal for me. If I lose track of the story that I was telling her, I probably had too much. If I can't string a sentence together or maintain eye contact, it was definitely too much.

    In regards to frequency of use, I vape or smoke all day, outside of work and extended family functions. I probably vape at extended family functions, but not all day :vaping: I see no problem with using pot all day, as long as I don't hit the point that I described above!
  6. ahh alright. Nice explanation. I agree with you
  7. Too much is when you smoke one every hour. It's not as much fun as you'd think it is. All just seems quite dull. So I guess too much is when you're lacking motivation for anything except smoking
  8. Smoking is not actually a great idea, but as you said you have minimized your smoking habit and that is a good sign of quitting. Congratulations for that, I hope one you actually stop smoking. Good luck.
  9. When it start interfering with your school and social life.

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  10. I use for medical reasons so I try yo keep it low. But seriously for just getting high recreationally the sky is the limit. If I were to guess I think the most I've ever done was nearly 2oz of herb but there were only mids. For high grade I've easily done over a half oz in a day but not much more than that.
    I've gotten some gnarely "greenovers" a few times. Pretty much just made that up, not really like an alcohol hangover but after waking up the next day of a larger amount I can get some pretty good brain fog and drowsy/dizziness and just a general "slow" feeling. Nothing like alcohol. Alcohol sucks

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